Allan Kardec

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231. 1. " Does the sphere of the medium exercise an influence on the manifestations ? " "All the spirits that surround the medium assist him, in good as in evil."

2. " Could not the superior spirits triumph over the bad will of the incarnated spirit, who serves them as interpreter, and over those who surround him ? "

" Yes, when they consider it useful, and according to the intention of the person who addresses them. We have already said so ; the most elevated spirits can sometimes communicate by a special favor, notwith standing the imperfection of the medium, and his sphere ; but then those surrounding spirits remain perfect strangers to it."

3. "Do the superior spirits seek to lead frivolous circles to more serious ideas ? "

" The superior spirits do not go into circles where they know their presence to be useless. Where the surroundings are but slightly instructed, yet sincere, we go willingly; even should we find but feeble in struments ; but in instructed spheres, where irony governs, we do not go. Then it is necessary to speak to the eyes and ears ; that is the role of rapping or mocking spirits. It is right that persons who boast themselves of their science should be humiliated by spirits less learned and less advanced."

4. " Are the inferior spirits denied access to serious reunions ? "
" No ; they remain there, sometimes to profit by the instructions given to you ; but they are silent, like the giddy in an assembly of the wiser

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