The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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The Supernatural
(By Mr. Rabache, from Bordeaux)

My children, your father did well in calling your attention to the phenomena produced in your séances for some days now. Assessing them on the basis of the instructions of certain sectarian spirits, ignorant where they rule, that these things are supernatural. Don’t believe that my children. Nothing that has happened is supernatural. If it were, your common sense would tell you that it would only happen outside of nature and then it could not be seen. In order that your eyes or the other senses may be able to perceive something, it is totally necessary that such a thing be natural. Once you give some thought to that, you will see that there is not a single serious spirit who may lead you to believe in supernatural things. Having stated that, I don’t mean that there are not things which may appear as such to your intelligence but the only reason for that is that you don’t understand them yet. When a given fact seems to escape what you consider natural be aware of that laziness of spirit which would lead you to believe that it is supernatural. Make the effort to understand it. That is why intelligence was given to you. What good would it do to you if you were to be satisfied by the teachings and beliefs of your predecessors only? It is necessary that each one puts their intelligence at the service of progress which is the collective work of everybody. Since you are gifted with intelligence, think; since you have discernment – and you have it for a reason – analyze and judge. Do not accept pre-judgment but make sure that the subject has passed through the crucible of reason. Be skeptical while you are not sure but never deny something that you do not understand. Give serious examination. Only the lazy, the indifferent one accepts as true or false everything they see as accepted or denied. Finally, my children do your outmost to become serious and useful so as to accomplish the mission assigned to you. It is never too early to get involved with the good and to do good deeds. Thus, start early to get involved with serious things. Time of futility is always too long and useless to your progress that you must always keep in mind. The earthly things are nothing; they only serve to help your transition to another state, which shall be more perfect the better you have prepared it.

Your grandmother

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