The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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The Fantasy
(Medium Mrs. Lesc…)

You want me to talk about fantasy; she was my queen, my mistress, my servant. I served it and I was dominated by it. Nevertheless, although always subjected to her adorable fluctuations, I was never unfaithful. It is her that still drives me to speak or other things: about the easiness, with which one heart may be split between two loves, easily misunderstood and strongly criticized. I consider it absurd, this criticism from the good bourgeois who like their little vices resolved, which is even more annoying than their virtues. They only admit what their pruned brains, fenced by hedges like the garden of a priest, can understand. You are afraid of what I say; relax; Musset has his own fangs; he cannot be asked to show the kindness of little trained dogs. One needs to bear and understand his jokes. There is the truth in their frivolous appearance, saddness in their merriment, and laughing in their tears.

Alfred de Musset

Observation: One person that had only heard this communication when it was first read said in a private session that it seemed of little significance to him. The spirit of Socrates who was taking part in the conversation responded to this observation, spontaneously writing: “No, you are mistaken; read it again; there are good things; it is very smart and it has its good side. They say that this is how one can get to know man. In fact, it is easier to prove the identity of a spirit from your time than from mine. To certain people it is useful to have communications of this kind from time to time.” The other day and in a conversation about mediums, referring to the character of Alfred de Musset accused by one of the participants of being very material, he spontaneously wrote the remarkable communication below, through one of his favorite mediums.

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