The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Distinctive Nature of the Spirits
(Medium Mrs. Costel)

I want to talk about the great truths of Spiritism. They are tightly connected to those of morality thus they must not be separated. To begin with, the point that attracts the attention of intelligent people is the doubt they have about the validity of spiritist communications. The truth is the first dignifying mark of the soul and is contained in this starting point. Let us then establish it.

There is no infallible way to distinguish the nature of the spirits if we renounce to reason, to comparison and reflection. These three faculties are more than enough to safely distinguish the diverse spirits. Free-will is the shaft that supports the pivot of human intelligence; the equilibrium would be broken if the spirits had only to speak in order to dominate people. Their power would then equal God’s power and that cannot be the case. The interchange between human beings and the invisible beings is like Jacob’s ladder: some are allowed to step up; others are allowed to step down. And all of them, interacting with one another before God’s eyes, must march towards God, with the same love and intelligent submission. I have touched the subject only superficially, advising you to study it in-depth, in all its aspects.


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