The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Mr. de Grand-Boulogne)

There is logic in the doctrine of reincarnation that does not escape your understanding. Since only the physical is compatible with acts of virtue and since those acts are necessary to the betterment of the spirit, the latter will barely find the necessary circumstances required to its progress above humanity in one existence only.

Considering that God’s justice is incompatible with the doctrine of the eternal penalties, reason must conclude that there is the need for:

1st – A time frame during which the spirit examines its past and make resolutions regarding the future;

2nd – A new existence, according to the current condition of that spirit. I don’t talk about the sufferings, sometimes terrible, to which certain spirits are condemned, during the period of errant state; they are, on one hand, related to the enormity of faults, and on another hand, to God’s justice. This says enough, avoiding the need for details that you shall find, as a matter of fact, in the study of the evocations. Let us go back to the reincarnations and you will understand its need through a common but very true comparison.

What happens to a young college student after one year of studies? If he has made progress he shall then advance to the next level; if he remained stationary in his ignorance, he shall be left behind. Let us go further. If his faults were serious, he is expelled. He can wander from college to college, even expelled from the University or move from a place of education to a place of correction. That is an accurate image of the fate of the spirits, and there is nothing more logical.

Would you like to perform a more in-depth study of the doctrine? It will be seen in these ideas how much more perfect God’s justice seems to be and also more in agreement with the greatest truths that dominate our intelligence. There is something so exciting about this, in general and in the details that someone who is initiated with the doctrine for the first time feels illuminated. The criticism to God’s Providence; the curse against the sufferings; the scandalous and happy addiction before the painful virtue; the premature death of the child; remarkable qualities hand in hand with an early evilness, in the heart of the same family; the born with diseases; the infinite diversity of fates of individuals as well as peoples, hitherto insoluble problems, enigmas which lead people to doubt God’s benevolence and almost doubt his existence, all that is explained at once. A pure ray of light is shed upon the horizon of the new philosophy, and every circumstance of human existence is harmoniously grouped in its generous land. Difficulties are smoothed out, problems resolved, and mysteries up until now impenetrable are broken down and explained by this simple word: reincarnation. I read your thoughts, dear Christian. You say: That is a real heresy! It is too much!

No more than the denial of the eternal penalties, my child. What is human life? The period when the spirit remains attached to the body. On the God chosen day, the Christian philosophers shall not have any difficulty in saying that life is multiple. That does not add or change anything in your duties.

The Christian moral stands and the memories of Jesus’s mission hovers upon humanity. Religion has nothing to fear regarding that teaching, and the day is not far when the ministers will open their eyes to light.

They will finally acknowledge in the new revelation the much-expected help, claimed from the end of their basilicas. They believe that society shall perish, but it will be saved.


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