The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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To the Mediums
(Medium Mrs. Darcol)

When you wish to receive communications from the good spirits, it is necessary to be prepared for that through prayer and inner silence, through good intentions and the true desire to do good, aiming at the general progress. Keep in mind that selfishness is a cause of delay in every path. Remember that if God allows some among you to receive the breath of some of his children that deserved the happiness of understanding God’s infinite benevolence through their actions, the reason is that from our request and in lieu of your good intentions, God wants to give you the means of advancing in your journey.

Hence, oh mediums! Take advantage of that faculty that God wants to give you. Have faith in the kindness of our Teacher; always practice charity; don’t ever stop practicing this sublime virtue, as well as tolerance. May your actions always resonate with your conscience! It is a sure means of multiplying your happiness a hundred times in this short and transient life and even prepare you for an existence a thousand times smoother.

The medium among you that does not feel strong enough to persevere with the spiritist teaching should abstain, because if he does not take advantage of the light that clarifies him, he will be less pardonable than another and would only have to atone for his blindness.

François de Salles

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