The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Obtained by Mr. Pécher Society, January 13th, 1860

Can you tell me why have I always liked the sound of bells? The reason is that the soul of a person who thinks or suffers always tries to withdraw when feeling that mute happiness which awakes in us the vague memories of a past existence. That sound is a translation of Christ’s words that have been vibrating in the air for eighteen centuries. It is the voice of hope. How many hearts has it comforted! How much strength has it given to the believing humanity! The divine voice has terrified those people who were great in their times. They were scared of that because the truth that they had subdued made them tremble. Christ showed that to everyone. They killed the Christ but not the idea. His sacred word had been understood. It was immortal and yet how often has your heart been taken by doubt! How often has the individual accused God of unfairness! He exclaimed: My God, what have I done? Has disgrace followed me since birth? Am I then destined to follow this avenue which breaks my heart? There seems to be a fatality chained to my feet. I feel the strength failing me. I will break this life. At this point in time God shines a ray of hope onto your heart. A friendly hand removes the blindfold of materialism from your eyes and a voice from heavens tells you: Look at that bright light in the horizon. It is a sacred fire from God. That flame must illuminate and purify the world. It must make that light penetrate human’s heart and from there break the darkness that covers his eyes. Some people pretended to have brought you light only to produce a mist which lost you in the straight path. Don’t be blind, you to whom God shows the light. It is Spiritism that allows you to lift the tip of the veil which covered your past. Look at what you were and think. Bow before our Creator’s justice. Glorify God for giving you the courage to persist in your chosen trials. Christ said: “…for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” Such an absolutely spiritist thought contains the mystery of your sufferings. May hope in God’s benevolence give you courage and faith! Always listen to that voice which vibrates in your hearts. It is up to you to understand with wisdom and elevate your soul with fraternal thoughts. May the wealthy reach out to the unfortunate ones, since the wealth was not given for their personal pleasures, but to be God’s helper and God shall have you reporting to him the use you gave to that richness. Your virtues are the only wealth acknowledged by God; the only one which you shall carry when leaving this world. Let the false scholars talk, those who call you crazy. It may well be that tomorrow they will request your prayers since God will judge them.

From your daughter, who loves you and prays for you.

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