The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Comments about the Preceding Message (To Lamennais)

1. Could you kindly make some clarifications about certain passages of your last essay that seem somewhat obscure to us? – A. I will do what is possible at this point in time.

2. You say: “Electricity, that nuance between time and what is no longer time, between finite and infinite”. This phrase does not seem very clear to us. Can you please develop it? – A. I explain it like that, in the simplest way I can. For you time does exist, right? For us, it does not. Hence I defined electricity as: “that nuance between time and what is no longer time, between finite and infinite” because that part of time that you formerly had to use to communicate from one end to the other of the world, that part of time, I was saying, that no longer exists. Later on that electricity will come, which will be nothing more than man’s thought, covering the space. In fact, isn’t that the most remarkable image about finite and infinite, about the tiny and the very large? In a word I meant to say that electricity suppresses time.

3. Further down you say: “You only know material electricity. Later you will also know spiritual electricity”. Do you mean by that the means of communication from man to man through the mediumistic channel? – A. Yes, as average advancements; something else will come in the future; give man aspirations; he guesses in the beginning; later he sees it.

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