The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Influence of the Medium onto the Spirit
(Received by the medium Mrs. Schmidt)

It is only the superior spirits that can irrespectively communicate with all mediums, keeping the same language in all circumstances. But I am not a superior spirit, thus I am sometimes a little bit material. However, I am more advanced than you may think.

When we communicate through a medium the emanation of the medium’s nature reflects more or less upon us. For example, if the medium is of that type in which the heart prevails; of those more advanced creatures capable of suffering for their brothers and sisters; finally, of those devout, great souls, turned strong by unhappiness and purified by the torment, then their reflex does good, in the sense that we are spontaneously corrected and our language interacts. However, if on the contrary, we communicate through one of those mediums of a less elevated nature we are then merely served by a faculty as someone is served by an instrument.

That is when we become what you call a little bit material. We talk about spiritual things, if you want, but we leave the heart aside.
Q – Are the educated, cultured mediums, more apt to receive elevated communications than those who are not?
– A. No, I repeat. It is only the essence of the soul that is reflected upon the spirits, but the superior spirits are the only ones invulnerable.

Alfred de Musset

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