The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Ms. Désirée Godu, from Hennebon (Morbihan)

We refer our readers to the previous month’s article about the special mediums. The explanations that will be given below about Ms. Désirée Godu will be better understood – her faculty has a seal of remarkable specialty.

About eight years ago she went successively through all phases of mediumship. In the beginning she was a powerful medium of physical effects, then she turned into clairvoyant, hearing, speaking, writing medium and finally all of her faculties concentrated on healing people, which seems to be her mission and that she accomplishes with a boundless devotion. Let us see below the comments from Mr. Pierre, a professor from Lorient, who shares these details with us, responding to the questions that we addressed to him.

“Ms. Désirée Godu is twenty five years old, belonging to a distinct and respectable family in Lorient. Her father is a former officer of the military, a Knight of the Legion of Honor, and her mother a patient and laborious lady, who helps her daughter the best she can in her painstaking but sublime mission. For about six years the patriarchal family has been giving away alms of prescribed medication, and sometimes everything necessary to the treatment of the poor as well as the rich who seek their help. Their relationship with the spirits started at the time of the turning tables. During that time she lived in Loirent and for months the only subject of conversation in town was the wonders operated by Ms. Godu with the tables, always complacent and kind under her hands. It was a privilege to be admitted into the sessions with the table in her house and they would hardly accept anyone. Always simple and modest she never sought the spotlight. Slander however, did not spare her, as expected. Christ himself was mocked although he only did and taught good things. Is it surprising that there are Pharisees when there are men who still don’t believe anything? That is the fate of whoever shows any superiority, of being exposed to the attacks of mediocre jealousy and envy. It doesn’t take them much to knock down anyone who raises their head above the crowds, not even the poison of calumny. The debunked hypocrite never forgives but God is just and the more the righteous man is mistreated, the brightest his rehabilitation is and the most humiliating is the shame of his enemies. Posterity will avenge them.”

“While waiting for her true mission which is said would begin in two years, her guardian spirit proposed to heal all kinds of diseases, which she accepted. He now uses her own organs to communicate, instead of rapping on the table, and often against her will. When the spirit speaks, her tone of voice is no longer the same, her lips barely moving.”

“Ms. Godu went through regular schooling but the main part of her education could not have been given by human beings. When she agreed to become a healing medium the spirit followed a methodic process of instruction and the only thing that she could see were hands. A mysterious spirit would then lay books, pictures and drawings before her eyes, explaining the functionality of the whole human body, the properties of plants, the effects of electricity, etc. She is not a somnambulist. She is never put to sleep. She is very awake and able to penetrate the illness of her patients with her eyes. The spirit indicates the medication that she generally prepares and applies, treating the most revolting wounds with the dedication of a charitable sister. They began by giving her the composition of certain preparations which healed skin rash and wounds of lesser importance and in a few days, aiming at slowly adapting her to all the dreadful and repulsive miseries which would come before her eyes, putting her finesse and kindness to the toughest tests. Do not imagine her as a suffering, weak person. She enjoys “mens sana in corpore sano” in all its plenitude.

Far from having someone else to treat the patients directly, she is the one that puts her hands on all, and she is suffice to do all, thanks to her resolute constitution. She knows how to inspire endless hope onto the patients. Her heart finds consolation to all ailments and her hands provide medicine to all sufferings. She is naturally outgoing and happy. Her joyfulness is contagious like her faith that instantly act upon her patients. I saw many people leaving her place with tears in their eyes, tears of thoughtful admiration, appreciation and joy. The house is never empty on Thursdays, open market day, and every Sunday from six am to five or six pm. Work is a prayer to her and she does that consciously. Before treating the ill she used to spend entire days sewing clothes to the poor and newly born, employing ingenious ways of ensuring that the donations would get to their destination anonymously so that the left hand never knew what the right hand did. She got a large number of authentic certificates from priests, authorities and celebrities, attesting her cures which in other times would be considered miraculous.” 

We know that there is no exaggeration in the report above by the testimony of trustworthy people, giving us the satisfaction of pointing out to the use made by Ms. Godu of an exceptional faculty given to her. We hope that the praises which we have the pleasure of reproducing here will not affect her modesty, which doubles the worth of her good deeds, and that she will not listen to the suggestions of pride. Pride is the major obstacle to a large number of mediums and we have seen many whose transcending gifts were annihilated or perverted, as soon as they listened to that tempting devil. The best intentions cannot hinder its traps, and it is precisely against the good ones that pride charges its weapons, since prides takes satisfaction by showing who is stronger. Pride sneaks in with such skills that the heart is frequently and unsuspectedly full of that. Thus, pride is the last defect that we confess to ourselves, similarly to those fatal diseases which one carries in a latent state, whose real seriousness misleads the person up to the last moment. That is why it is so difficult to get rid of it. As long as the medium has a gift, however little importance it may have, the medium is sought, praised, flattered. This becomes a terrible touchstone to the medium, for the medium ends up by feeling indispensable if the person is not profoundly simple and modest. That is disgraceful to the medium, particularly if persuaded that he or she only communicates with good spirits. The medium can hardly acknowledge that he was deceived thus he often writes or hears his own condemnation or censorship, not believing that he is the target of such a thing. Well, it is precisely that blindness which holds the medium hostage. The deceiving spirits take advantage of that to fascinate, dominate, and subjugate the medium more and more, to the point of making him accept the falsest things as truthful. That is how the precious gift received from God is lost, a gift only given to the benefit of their brothers and sisters, because the good spirits leave as soon as someone prefers to listen to the bad ones. Someone that has chosen to be highlighted shall be so by the force of things and the spirits will know well how to rescue them from obscurity, if that is useful, whereas there will frequently be only disappointments to the one who is tormented by the need of having everybody talking about him. From what we know about the character of Ms. Godu it gives us a firm assurance that she is above these little weaknesses, and that she will never compromise the mission that has been assigned to her, as many others have done so far.

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