The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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The Orphans
(Medium Mrs. Schmidt)

Brothers, love the orphans. If you only knew how sad it is to be alone and abandoned, particularly at an early age! God allows the orphans to induce us to become parents. What a divine charity helping a pure little abandoned creature, avoiding their cold and hunger, directing his soul, so it does not get lost to vice! Anyone that reaches out to an abandoned child pleases God because he understands and practices His law. Consider also that often the child that you help now has been very dear to you in another life; and that if you could remember, this would not be an act of charity but of duty. Thus my dear friend, every suffering soul is your brother or sister and deserves your charity; not that charity that hurts the heart; not the alms that burns the receiving hand, because your offering is often bitter. How many times, these sufferers would have rather refused, if hunger and disease were not looming! Give kindly and add to the benefits the most valuable of all: a good word, kindness, a friendly smile. Refrain from an air of pity and protection which return a spear into a heart that is already wounded, and consider that the good deeds you do, work on your behalf and that of your loved ones.
Jules Morin

OBSERVATION: The spirit that signs off is completely unknown. We can see from the communication above as for many others of the kind, that it is not always necessary to have a prestigious name to obtain beautiful things. It is puerile to become attached to a name. Good must be well received from whatever source. As a matter of fact, the number of illustrious names is very limited; the number of spirits is infinite. Why then would there not exist capable ones among the unknown? We make this reflection because there are people who believe to be able to obtain sublime messages only from the so-called celebrities. Experience demonstrates the opposite every day and shows that we can always learn something from every spirit if we know how to take advantage of the opportunities.

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