The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Report of a letter from Dr. Morhéry about several cures obtained by the medication prescribed by Ms. Désirée Godu.
Plessis-Boudet, near Loudéac, Côtes-du-Nord, April 25th, 1860

Dear Mr. Allan Kardec,

Today I want to do as I promised and report the cases of cured patients with the help of Ms. Godu. As you realize, I will not mention them all since it would take a long time. I made my choices not based on the seriousness but on the variety of their diseases. I avoided repeating cases or mentioning those of little importance. Please notice Sir that Ms. Godu has not wasted any time. Since her arrival in Plessis-Boudet we have visited more than 200 patients and have the satisfaction of curing almost all of those who were patient enough to follow the prescriptions. I don’t speak of the cancer patients since those are in good terms. I will wait for positive results before any pronunciation. We also have a large number of patients under treatment and gave preference to those considered incurable. Then, I expect to have new cure cases to report to you soon. It is particularly in the rheumatic affection cases, in the paralysis, sciatic, ulcers, bone deviations, and wounds of all kinds that her system of treatment seems to yield better results.

I can assure you Sir that I have learned many useful things that I totally ignored before my contact with Ms. Godu. Every day she teaches me something new, both in the treatment as well as in the diagnosis. As for prognosis, I don’t know how she does that. However, she is never wrong. One cannot explain such a vision simply based on ordinary Sciences. You Sir, however, can understand that very well. I end by declaring that I certify as true and sincere all the observations that follow attached with my signature.
Yours sincerely,
Morhéry, doctor in medicine

1st Observation, case #5 (February 23rd, 1860) – François Langle, paper delivery man. Diagnosis: three-day-fever for six months. Fever had resisted treatment with sulfate of quinine administered to the patient by myself on several occasions; he was cured in five days with simple infusion of multiple plants and the patient is better than ever. I could mention ten similar cures.

2nd Observation, case #9 (February 24th, 1860) – Mrs. R… from Loudéac, 32 y.o. Diagnosis: inflammation and chronicle intumescence of the tonsils; violent headache; sore back bone; general prostration, null appetite. The illness started by shivers and deafness; it lasted two years. Prognosis: a serious case, of difficult prospects, since the illness resists to the best possible treatments. The patient is now cured. She only continues the treatment to avoid recurrence.

3rd Observation, case #13 (February 25th, 1860) – Pierre Gaubichais, from the village of Ventou-Lamotte, 23 y.o. Diagnosis: palmar aponeurosis inflammation. Prognosis: serious but not incurable case. The cure was obtained in less than fifteen days. We have four or five similar cases.

4th Observation, case #18 (February 26th, 1860) – François R…, from Loudéac, 27 y.o. Diagnosis: white tumor, scar on the left knee; fistula in the posterior side of thigh, just above articulation. Patient carries disease since he was 10 y.o. Prognosis: very serious and incurable case. The illness resisted best applied treatment for six years. Patient was treated by balms prepared by Ms. Godu and took several plant infusions. He can now be considered cured.

5th Observation, case 23 (February 25th, 1860) – Jeanne Gloux, a worker from Tierné-Loudéac. Diagnosis: very intense whitlow for days. The patient was completely cured in fifteen days, only with balms prepared by Ms. Godu. Sore disappeared since second application. We have three similar cases.

6th Observation, case #12 (February 25th, 1860) – Vincent Gourdel, weaver from Lamotte, 32 y.o. Diagnosis: acute eye inflammation as a consequence of intense shingles. Inflammation of conjunctive and foggy cornea manifesting on the left eye; presenting general inflammatory state. Prognosis: serious and intense affection. Patient can lose left eye in about 10 days. Treatment: application of balms over the affected eye. Today the inflammation is cured and the fogged eye is gone, but the treatment moves on to fight the shingles which seems of periodic and of herpetic nature.

7th Observation, case #31 (February 27th, 1860) – Marie-Louise Rivière, newsstand worker from Lamotte, 24 y.o. Diagnosis: long lasting rheumatism in the right hand, with complete impairment and paralysis of the phalanges; could not work. Unknown cause – Prognosis: very difficult cure, if not impossible. She was cured in 20 days into the treatment.

8th Observation, case #34 (February 28th, 1860) – Jean-Marie Le Berre, a 19 y.o. homeless from Lamotte. Diagnosis: Splitting headache, insomnia, frequent hemorrhagic episodes through the nose; inward deviation of right knee, outward deviation of leg. Patient in really poor condition. Prognosis: Incurable. Treatment: topic application of extracts and balms from Ms. Godu. The limb is now fixed and the cure is more or less complete. As a precautionary measure, the patient is still under treatment.

9th Observation, case #50 (February 28th, 1860) – Marie Nogret from Lamotte, 23 y.o. Diagnosis: inflammation of the pleura and diaphragm; inflamed and enlarged tonsils; palpitation, dizziness, asphyxia. Prognosis: Although the patient is strong, her condition is very serious. She could not walk two steps. Treatment: infusions of several plants. Improvement on the very next day, and total cure in the period of eight days.

10th Observation, case #109 (March 12th, 1860) – Pierre Le Boudu, from the community of Saint-Hervé. Diagnosis: deafness since the age of 18, after typhoid fever. Prognosis: Incurable and resistant to any treatment. Treatment: injections and infusions of several plants prepared by Ms. Godu. The patient now can hear the noise of his own watch which bothers him given the sensitivity of his ear.

11th Observation, case #132 (March 18th, 1860) – Marie Le Maux, from Grâces, 10 y.o. Diagnosis: rheumatism presenting hardening of joints, particularly knees. The child could only walk with the help of crutches. Prognosis: a very serious case, if not incurable. Treatment: topic extracts with balms prepared by Ms. Godu. Cure achieved in less than 20 days. Today the child walks without the support of crutches or walking sticks.

12th Observation, case #80 (March 19th, 1860) – Hélène Lucas, a 9 y.o. homeless child from Lamotte. Diagnosis: lump formation and permanent swelling of the tongue, sticking out about 5 to 6 cm beyond the lips, seemingly strangled; the tongue shows a rough appearance, the lower teeth spoiled by the tongue. The child needs to move the tongue sideways using one hand and with the other she pushes the food into her mouth. She presents this condition since she was two and half years old. Prognosis: a very serious case, considered incurable. The tongue has now retrieved and the patient is almost completely cured.

One can see from the above observations that those reports are not like those vulgar certificates, solicited by greed, in which complacence competes with ignorance. These are the observations of a professional who puts aside his self-esteem and frankly acknowledges his insufficiency before the infinite resources of Mother Nature, who has not given him her last word from the academic benches. He recognizes that the young lady, without any special instruction, has taught him more than certain books written by men, as she reads directly from the book of nature. As a sensible man he prefers to save a patient through apparently irregular means than letting the patient die according to the rules. And he does not feel humiliated.

We propose to carry out a serious study in a future article, from a theoretical point of view, about such intuitive faculty that is more frequent than supposed, more or less developed, through which Science will be able to obtain precious insights, when people no longer consider themselves wiser than the Lord of the Universe.

We learned from a very educated gentleman from Hindustan, India, about precious news regarding the practice of intuitive medicine among the Indians, adding to the theory and testimony of well observed and authentic facts.

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