The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Mrs. Costel)

Let us talk about the last spirals of glory, inhabited by pure spirits. Nobody can achieve them before going through the cycles of the errant spirits. Jupiter is in the highest degree of the scale. When a spirit that has gone through the long purification stage of that planet is considered worthy of the supreme happiness, he is informed by an increased fervor; a subtle fire takes over every delicate fabric of his intelligence that apparently shines, turning visible. Stunning, transfigured, he illuminates the already radiant day before the eyes of Jupiter’s inhabitants. His brothers acknowledge the elected of God and trembling, kneel before his will. However, the selected spirit rises and the heavens, in their supreme harmony, reveal its indescribable beauties. As it rises, the spirit no longer sees things like in the errant state, similar to the concerted creation in Jupiter but now embracing all of infinity. His intelligence soars like a transfigured arrow until it reaches God, there is no fear, no disharmony, as if inside an immense hall powered by a thousands of different things. Love, in these various spirits takes on the color of their refined personalities; they recognize one another and are happy for being together. Their reflected virtues reverberating, so to speak, to the delights of God’s vision, and incessantly increasing the happiness of the elected ones. A sea of love enlarged by every tributary river, their pure strength is set in motion, like the strength of other spheres. Endowed also by the gift of ubiquity, they simultaneously embrace the minimal details of human life, from start to finish. Inexorable like light, their vision penetrates everything at the same time, and active like their driving force, they spread the Lord’s wishes. Like the bountiful wave that escapes the abundant reservoir, their universal benevolence warms up the worlds, confusing evil.

These several interpreters are already purified spirits by ministers of their power. Therefore, everything elevates, everything perfects and charity radiates upon the worlds, fed in its powerful heart. The pure spirits have by attribute everything that is good and truthful, because God is in them, the principle in itself. The poor human thought limits everything that is not reachable and does not comprehend infinity, unbounded by happiness. What is there after God? God still, always God. The traveler sees horizons succeeding horizons, one as the beginning of the next. That is how infinity unfolds incessantly. The greatest joy of the pure spirits is precisely such extension, as profound as eternity itself. One cannot describe a grace, a flame, and a beam of light. I cannot describe the pure spirits. More alive, more beautiful and more stunning than the most ethereal images, one word summarizes that being, their power and joys: Love! Fill up the space that separates Earth from the skies with that word and you still will not have but the idea of a drop in the ocean. It is only the earthly love, however limited it may be, that can give you an idea of their divine reality.


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