The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Mrs. De B…)

“Let us love one another and do to others what we would have them do unto us”. The whole of religion, the whole of morals are contained in these two principles. If they were followed here on Earth we would all be perfect: no more hatred, no more hard feelings; I say even more: there would be no more poverty since the many poor people would be fed from the excesses of the tables of the rich, and you would not see in the somber neighborhoods, where I lived in my last incarnation, poor women dragging around wretched children lacking everything.

Rich! Give some thought to that. Help the unfortunate ones the best you can. Give so that God may one day return the good you did; so that when you leave the terrestrial wrapping you may one day find an entourage of thankful spirits welcoming you at the throne of a happier world.

If you could only know how happy I felt when I met above those that I was able to help in my last life! Give and love thy neighbor; love them as you would love yourself, because now you also know that God has allowed you to initiate into the Spiritist Science, that the miserable pariah may be a brother, a father, a son, a friend that you send away; and that, what a despair when you meet again in the spiritual world! I wish that you truly understand what moral charity is, that everybody can practice it; that it has no material cost but is the most difficult to practice!

Moral charity consists of supporting one another, and that is the least done in this inferior world where you are now incarnated. Hence, be charitable for you shall advance more in the path of good. Be humane and bear one another. There is great merit in knowing when to be silent so that the fool may speak and this is a form of charity; go silent when the mockery leaves the jester’s mouth; don’t notice the sarcastic smile in the mouth of those who wrongly judge themselves above you, when in the spiritual life, the only true life, they are sometimes far off; there is merit, not of humility but of charity in this because it is moral charity in not seeing others’ mistakes. There is much more merit in looking at an infirm person with compassion than throwing him your opinion with neglect. However, the image must not be taken literally because one charity does not preclude the other. Above all, do not neglect your fellow human beings. Remember what I have told you: it is always necessary to keep in mind that those you repel might very well be a spirit dear to you, temporarily situated in an inferior position.

I have met again a poor person from your Earth that I had fortunately helped a few times and to whom in turn, I must now implore for help.

Thus, be charitable; don’t scorn; let go of the words that hurt you and don’t think that charity is only the act of giving material things, but do practice also the moral charity. I repeat: practice one and the other. Remember that Jesus told us that we are brothers and always think about it, before you send the leprous or the beggar away. I shall come back to give you a longer communication since I am called back now. Good-bye. Think of those who suffer and pray.

Sister Rosalie

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