The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Society, May 4th, 1860 – Medium Mr. Didier)

Mr. G. G… from Marseille transcribes the following fact to us: “A young man died eight months ago and his family, in which there are three sisters who are mediums, evoke him every day, using a basket. Every time that the spirit is called, a dog, which the young man was very fond of, hops on the table, smells the basket, and yelps. The first time it happened the basket wrote: “My brave little dog that recognizes me.”

“I have not witnessed the fact myself but the persons from whom I heard the story did see it and those are good spiritists and very serious people, so I cannot doubt their honesty. I asked myself if the spirit had kept sufficient material particles to reach the dog’s sniffing capability or if the dog was able to see the spirit. It is a problem that seems useful to investigate further in case it is not solved yet.”

1. Evocation of Mr. … deceased eight months ago, who was just mentioned above. – A. I am here.

2. Do you confirm the fact relative to your little dog, which comes to smell the basket which is used for your evocations, apparently recognizing you? – A. Yes.

3. Could you tell us what is it that attracts the dog to the basket? – A. The extreme subtleness of the senses that may lead the dog to guess the presence of the spirit or even see it.

4. Does the dog see or feel you? – A. The smell above all and the magnetic fluid. Charlet Observation: Charlet, the painter, gave a series of remarkable communications to the Society about animals, which we will publish soon. That was certainly the reason why he had spontaneously interfered with the present communication.

5. Since Charlet wants to intervene in the current issue we ask him to provide us with some explanations about it. – A. Gladly. The fact is perfectly trustworthy, and consequently natural. I speak in general because I don’t have the details of the case you are discussing. A dog is endowed by a very particular organization. They understand humans: that is enough. They feel them, following them in all of their actions, bearing the curiosity of a child; they love humans and even dedicate entirely to them – and you have examples to confirm what I am saying. Dogs must be – I am not positive, please understand that well – but they must be one of those animals which come from a more advanced world to support humans in their sufferings, serve and protect them. I have just mentioned moral qualities that dogs certainly have. As for their sensitive faculties these are extremely delicate. Every hunter knows the subtleness of a dog’s sniff. Besides that quality the dog understands almost all actions of humans; understands the meaning of their death. Why wouldn’t they perceive the presence of their soul or even see them?

The next day Mrs. Lesc…, a medium also member of the Society, received the following explanation about the same subject:

“The fact cited at the Society is true; although once the spirit is disconnected from the body it does not have any of its odors. The dog sniffed the presence of its owner. When I say sniffed I mean that its organs detected his presence but the nose did not feel or the eyes did not see; however, the whole dog’s body was somehow warned about the owner’s presence, and that warning was passed to the dog mainly by the will expressed by the souls of those who evoked the dead person. Human wishes reach and warn the instinct of the animals, particularly of the dogs, before any exterior sign reveals those wishes. The dog is in direct communication with us, the spirits, through their nervous fibers, almost as much as they are with men. The dog perceives the apparitions; it is aware of the difference between them and the real or Earthly things, and they are very afraid of them. The dog howls to the moon, according to the vulgar expression; it also does so when it feels death coming. In these two cases, and in many others, the dog is intuitive. I shall add that its vision is less developed than its sensations. It sees less than it feels. The electric fluid penetrates the dog almost routinely. The fact which served me as a starting point, therefore not surprising, since at the time when the wish for calling his owner was out, the dog felt his presence almost as quickly as the spirit heard it and responded to the call which was addressed to him.”
George, a familiar spirit

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