The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Spiritual Electricity (Medium Mr. Didier Jr.)

The human being is at the same time a very singular and a very weak being. He is singular in the sense that even in the middle of the phenomena that surround him he still keeps his routine, spiritually speaking. He is weak in the sense, after having seen, after having been convinced, he smiles because his neighbor smiled and he no longer thinks about what happened. And notice that I don’t speak here about vulgar, inexperienced creatures that don’t think. No, I speak of intelligent people, and in its majority, enlightened people. Where does such a phenomenon come from? Because giving a lot of thought to something is a moral phenomenon. The spirit started to act upon matter through magnetism and electricity; then it got into man’s heart and man was not aware of that. Strange blindness! A blindness not produced by a strange cause but created voluntarily, coming from the spirit. Then came Spiritism, producing a commotion in the world, and man published very serious books saying: it is a natural cause; it is simply electricity, a physical law, etc.; and men was then satisfied; but make no mistake, man still has many books to write before understanding what is written in the book of nature, in God’s book. Electricity, that nuance between time and what is no longer time, between finite and infinite, man has not been able to yet define. Why? Know this: You cannot define it unless through magnetism, that material manifestation of the spirit. You only know material electricity. Later you will also know spiritual electricity, which is nothing more that the eternal kingdom of thought.


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