The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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The Mediums

I am happy for seeing your punctuality to the meeting that I have scheduled with you. God’s benevolence shall be upon you and our guardian angels will always help you with their advice and will protect you against the influence of the bad spirits, if you know how to listen to their voices and to close your heart to pride, vanity and envy. God has tasked me with a mission to be accomplished together with the mediums. The more grace you receive from the Almighty, the more danger you incur. Such danger is more significant the more it comes from the favors that you have received from God. The faculties enjoyed by the mediums attract people’s praise: the compliments, the flattery, those are the burdens. The very mediums who should keep in mind their primitive condition, those are the ones who forget it; they do more: they attribute to themselves a merit that in fact is a God given gift. What happens then? The good spirits abandon them; they become playful toys in the hands of deceiving spirits once they no longer have the good compass to guide them. The more capable they are, the more they are led to believe that their gift is their merit, up until the time when God, in order to punish them, withdraws that gift which can only be disastrous to them. It would never be too much to remind you that you should entrust yourselves to your guardian angel, so that it can help you to be on guard against the cruelest of your enemies: your pride.

Remember that without the support of your Divine Master, you who are fortunate to serve as intermediaries between human beings and the spirits, if you had not taken advantage of that light, the more favored you had been, the more severely punished you shall be. I am glad because I believe that this communication that you should take to the Society will yield fruits, and all mediums who gather at the Society will be on guard against the hurdle on which they would stumble. Pride is that hurdle, as I said.
Joan of Arc

Notice: We are pleased to announce to our readers the reprint of the book “The Story of Joan of Arc”, dictated by her. This book will appear soon in Mr. Ledoyen’s bookstore. We will talk about that again later.

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