The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Society, February 3rd, 1860 – Medium Mr. Colin)

Write this: Human beings! What is that? Where do they come from? Where are they going? God? Nature? Creation? The world? Their past and future eternity! Nature’s limit, relationships between the infinite and the private being? Passage from infinite to the finite? – These are questions that people should have framed, when for the first time and still a child, they saw with the eyes of reason the mysterious march of the celestial bodies above their head; Earth below their feet, alternatively dressed up in fancy clothes in the shaking wind of spring or covered by the mantle of mourning, under the cold breath of winter; thinking and feeling they saw themselves suddenly thrown into this vital maelstrom between yesterday, the day of their birth, and tomorrow, the time of their death. These are questions asked by all people, at all times and in all schools, still enigmas to the future generations. Nevertheless, these questions deserve the attention of investigative spirits of your century, the genius of your country. Thus, if you had one person, ten people among you, aware of the high importance of their apostolic mission, willing to leave a stamp of their passage on Earth, as a milestone to posterity, I would tell them this: for a long time you have come to terms with the errors and prejudices of your time; the period of physical and material manifestations is over to you; what you call experimental evocations can no longer teach you much since in the majority of cases there is only curiosity at play. However, the philosophical era of the Doctrine is near. Do not remain attached to the rotting pillars any longer, but courageously enter the heavenly sanctuary, firmly raising the flag of modern philosophy, in which you fearlessly will inscribe: mysticism, rationalism. Be eclectic in modern eclecticism; do as the ancients did, supported by the historical, mystical and legendary tradition, always observing the revelation though, an illuminating torch that we have all missed, resorting to the lights of the superior spirits, missionary devoted to the march of the human spirit. Those spirits, however elevated they may be, they don’t know everything. Only God does. Besides, they cannot reveal everything that is known to them. Where would the individual’s free will be then, his responsibility, merit and demerit, and also the sanctioning of punishment or reward? Yet, I can provide you with the guidelines containing some fundamental principles. Hence, listen to this:

1st – The soul has the power of separating from matter;

2nd – The soul can elevate well above intelligence;

3rd – Such state is beyond reason;

4th – It can put people in touch with everything that escapes their senses;

5th – Human beings can incite it by praying to God, by a constant struggle, reducing their soul to the state of pure essence, so to speak, denying sensitive and exterior activity; in a word, by abstracting everything that there is varied multiple, indecisive, chaotic, of exteriority inside the soul;

6th – There is up until now a completely ignored force in the very self of the individual. Thus, search for that.

Moses, Plato, and later Julian

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