The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Remorse and Regret

I feel happy for seeing you all united by the same faith and by the love of God Almighty, our Divine Lord. May God always guide you in the good path and help you to become worthy of God’s benefits. Always love one another like brothers and sisters; help one another and may the love to thy neighbor never be a meaningless word. Remember that charity is the most beautiful of all virtues and the most pleasing to God, not only that charity which gives the two cents to the miserable ones, but the charity which has pity on our brothers’ sufferings; that makes you share their moral pains, alleviate the burden that oppresses them, thus relieving them and making their lives easier. Remember that sincere repentance obtains pardon to all faults; such is the greatness of God. Remorse has nothing in common with repentance. Remorse, brothers, is already the prelude of punishment. Repentance, charity and faith shall lead you to the happiness reserved to the good spirits. Go and listen to the words of a superior spirit loved by God. Pray and open your hearts to the lessons that you shall learn from them.
A Guardian Angel

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