The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Mrs. Costel)

When the individual leaves behind his mortal remains, he is taken by such fear and astonishment that it makes him uncertain about his actual state; he does not know if is dead or alive, and it takes long for his very confused sensations to clear up. The spirit’s eyes are progressively amazed by the many clarities around him, leading him to a new order of things, great and unknown that he can hardly understand in the beginning but soon recognizes that he is nothing more than an intangible and immaterial creature; he seeks his vestiges, and surprise, he does not find them; some time goes by before he recovers the memory of his past, then convinced of his identity. He looks back to Earth and sees his crying relatives and friends and his inert body. The eyes finally leave Earth and seek the skies. If the will of God no longer keeps him attached to the soil, he then rises slowly and feels his body floating in space, a marvelous sensation. Then, the memory of the life he has just left behind comes with this sometimes devastating, other times consoling clarity. I speak about what I felt, and I am not a bad spirit but I don’t occupy an elevated position, unfortunately. We get rid of every earthly prejudice. Truth shines with full intensity. Nothing mitigates our faults. Nothing hides the virtues. We see our own souls as clearly as before a mirror. We seek familiar spirits because isolation is frightening, but others go by and they don’t stop. There are no affectionate relationships among errant spirits; even those who loved one another don’t exchange expressions of love; those misty forms slide and move on. Loving exchanges are reserved to the superior spirits in their interactions. As for ourselves, our transient state is only good for our advancement, and nothing should distract us from that path. The only communications allowed to us are with the humans because it is mutually useful, and prescribed by God. The bad spirits also contribute to human betterment: they serve through the trials; those who resist conquer merits. The spirits who guide people are rewarded by a substantial extenuation of their penalties. The errant spirits don’t suffer for the absence of communication among them for they know that they will meet again. Hence, their devotion is amplified so that the object of their affection is brought back to them, at the end of their trials, affections which cannot be expressed but which remain dormant. Not one bond established on Earth is broken; our sympathies will be reestablished in the order of their existence, more or less vividly, according to their intensity or intimacy.


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