The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Society, November 25th, medium Mr. Roze)

In the old days you would have been crucified, burnt at the stake, tortured. The force was diminished; the fire extinguished and the instruments of torture broken. The terrible weapons of ridicule; so powerful against the lies and weaken the will against the truth. Its fiercest enemies retracted into an impenetrable circle. In fact, denying the reality of our manifestations would be the same as denying the revelation that is the foundation of all religions. Attributing it to the devil, pretending that the evil spirit has come to comfort you; cultivate the Gospel, urging you towards the good; to practice all virtues, it is simply and happily only to prove that the spirit does not exist. Every divided kingdom shall perish. Bad spirits will remain. A good tree never produces bad fruits; a bad tree never produces good fruits. You have nothing better to tell them but what Christ used to tell his oppressors when they formulated the same accusations against him, begging for God’s forgiveness since they didn’t know what they were doing.

The Spirit of Truth

(Another essay dictated to Mr. Roze, and read at the Society)

France carries the banner of progress and she must guide the other nations. That is demonstrated by previous and current events. You were chosen to be the mirror which must receive and reflect the Divine light, which must illuminate Earth, up until now soaked in the darkness of ignorance and lies. However, if you are not animated by the love to thy neighbor and by a boundless devotion; if the desire of knowing and propagating the truth, whose paths you must open to posterity, is not the only motive driving your works; if the slightest shade of pride, selfishness and material interest find shelter in your hearts, we shall only be served by you like the artisan that temporarily uses a defective instrument. We will come to you up until the time when we have found or stimulated a center richer than you are in virtues, more sympathetic to the phalanx of spirits sent by God to reveal the truth to the people of good will. Give some serious thoughts to that. Dig deep into your hearts, probe their most intimate thoughts and vigorously expel the bad passions which keep us away, otherwise you must leave before risking the work of your brothers and sisters by your presence or by the presence of the spirits that you bring along with you.

The Spirit of Truth

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