The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Received by Mrs. L, medium)

I want to talk to you about vanity that is blended into all human activities. It stains every delicate thought; it penetrates the heart and the mind. A bad plant which suffocates the germ of goodness; all qualities are annihilated by its poison. To fight against it, prayer is needed; only prayer can give us strength and humility. You incessantly forget God, ungrateful people! To you God is only the desperate help in affliction, never the friend invited to the feast of joy. God gave you the glorious radiation of the Sun to illuminate the day and the stars, golden flowers, to break the darkness of night. Everywhere, in all elements needed by humanity, God touched the creation with beauty. God has treated you like a generous host would do with his guests. God multiplies the splendor of God’s dwelling and the abundance of the banquet. What do you do in turn; you that only have your heart to offer God? Far from decorating it with happiness and virtues, far from offering God with the premises of your hopes, you deprive God, you don’t invite God into your heart, unless harmed by sorrow and bitter deceptions. Ungrateful! What are you waiting for to love your God? Disgrace and abandonment! Before that, offer God your painless heart; stand up and offer God your fearless love, but not like slaves on their knees, and when the time of danger comes God shall remember you who did not forget Him at the time of happiness.

Georges, a familiar spirit

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