The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Knowledge of the Spirits (Medium Ms. Huet)

There is in the study of Spiritism a serious mistake that propagates every day and that becomes almost the focus of attraction of people towards us; it is the fact that they see us as infallible in the answers. They think that we must know everything, see everything, and foresee everything. What a mistake! Huge mistake! Certainly, since our soul is no longer imprisoned by a material body like a bird in a cage, it soars up into space; the senses of the soul become more subtle, more developed; we see and hear better, but we cannot know everything; we cannot be everywhere since we don’t have the gift of ubiquity.

What would then be the difference between God and us if we were allowed to get to know the future and to promptly announce it? That is impossible. We do know more than human beings do, that is correct; we can sometimes read the minds and the heart of those who come to us but our Spiritist Science stops there. Make no mistake then and stop questioning us exclusively to know what happens here and there in your planet, or relatively to a material or commercial discovery or to be informed about what is supposed to happen tomorrow, in politics or business. We shall always inform you about our condition, about our extracorporeal life, about God’s greatness and benevolence, about everything that can be useful to your enlightenment to your present as well as future happiness, but do not ask us about what we cannot and must not tell you.


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