The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Mrs. Costel)

God created the human seed, scattered over the worlds like the farmer sows in the grooves the grain that must germinate and mature. God’s seeds are like molecules of fire that He blows out of the great focus, the center of life, from where God radiates His power. These molecules are to humanity what the germs of the plants are to Earth; they develop slowly, only maturing after long periods in the mother-planets, where the beginning of things is formed. I speak of the principle only. In the condition of human, the being reproduces and God’s work is done. Why are human destinies so diverse if there is a common starting point?

Why would some be born in a civilized environment and others in a savage state? What is then the origin of the demons? Let us recall the story of the spirit in its first appearance. Just formed, staggering and spluttering, the souls are nonetheless free to incline towards good or evil. The good ones separate from the bad ones from birth. Abel’s story is naively true. The ungrateful souls that have just left God’s hands persist in the crime; in the succession of centuries they make mistakes, they harm others and above all they harm themselves, until they are inexorably touched by regret. The first demons then are the guilty people. In His immense justice God only imposes suffering resulting from bad deeds. Earth should be entirely inhabited but not equally, and according to the degree of progress obtained in the earthly migrations, some are born in the great centers of civilization and others, uncertain spirits that still require initiation, are born in the remote forests. The savage state is preparatory. There is harmony in everything, and the blind and guilty soul of a demon from Earth cannot be born again in an enlightened center. There are some, however, who venture into those environments that are not theirs. It is when they cannot be in sync in that environment, that they give the spectacles of barbarism in the heart of civilization. These are the creatures from different worlds.

In the embryonic state the being has not gone through any migration yet. It cannot be studied separately because it is the origin of man.


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