The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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The office of The Spiritist Review and the private home of Mr. Allan Kardec were transferred to Rue Sainte-Anne, 59, Sainte-Anne passageway.

Friday, June 29th, 1860
(Private Session)

Reading of the works and minutes of the June 22nd session. Reading of a letter from Dr. de Grand-Boulogne, former French Vice Consul, who requests to be admitted as a corresponding member from Havana, where he is expected to move soon.


1st – Reading of a spontaneous essay obtained by Mrs. Costel, about the Origins, signed by Lazarus.

2nd – Report of recent physical manifestations that took place at Rue des Noyers, appearing in several newspapers, reminding similar facts that occurred in 1849 at Rue des Grès. Some members added that those events at Rue de Grès resulted from deception created by the tenant in order to cancel his lease. Dr. Grand-Boulogne mentioned that he can ensure authenticity of those facts. Besides, Mr. de Mirville, who was careful enough to collect every significant detail necessary to guarantee the occurrence of the events, reported them. Another member makes the comment that in similar circumstances, and given the attraction of crowds of curious people, it becomes a nuisance to those involved that then get rid of them by associating the events to pure malevolence. The owner is the first one to have total interest in denying the events. That is why similar facts are often repudiated.


1st – Discussion about the merits and efficacy of the trials of a righteous person; having endured in order to relieve suffering and unfortunate spirits, with respect to a passage from Dr. de Grand-Boulogne’s letter. A comment was made regarding the fact that once the efficacy of prayer is proven, as a demonstration of sympathy and piety; we can assume that the self-imposed trials, which have the same objective, should produce the same effects of the prayer. The intention is everything in such a case and may be seen as an even more feverous prayer than that said in words.

2nd – Mrs. N… indicates doubts about the identity of the spirit that gave her some advices in the previous session, and that she does not consider applicable. She requests to have it questioned through another medium if the spirit that had communicated was truly St. Louis. She added that she noticed, a not so much benevolent feeling in the considerations that were given, which is not coherent with his customary kindness. That is why she was in doubt.

St. Louis was questioned about it through Mrs. H…, responding: “Yes, it was I who came to write those lines and give you advice. You are mistaken by taking my advice badly. It is necessary that whoever wants to advance in the avenue of good learns to accept the advice and warnings given to them, even when their self-love is hurt. The proof of your advancement is in the calm and humble way by which you receive them. In the past, when I was on Earth, haven’t I given demonstrations of great humility, quietly complying with the church’s decisions, even the penitence imposed on me, however humiliating they might have been? You must thus be kind and humble, if you are not proud; accept the advice; strive to correct yourselves and you shall advance.”

Mr. T… observes that St. Louis had not always submitted to the church when alive, since he fought against its pretensions.

St. Louis responds: “When I say that I submitted to the punishments imposed by the leaders of the church, I told you the truth. However, I did not tell you that my behavior was always faultless. I was a great sinner before God, although people have later awarded me with the glorious title of Saint.”

Mr. Allan Kardec adds that St. Louis always accepted the decisions of the church with respect to the dogma; he only fought pretensions of another nature.

3rd – Questions raised about St. Louis’ advice regarding physical manifestations, with recommendations to the Society not to get involved with that.

4th – Questions about mediumship in children, with reference to the manifestations that occurred in the last session with the young N…

5th – Questions posed about the manifestations at Rue de Noyers.

6th – Two simultaneous communications received: the first by Mrs. Costel, about Thought’s Electricity, signed by Delphine de Girardin; the second by Mrs. Lubr…, regarding the advices given by the spirits, signed by Paul, a familiar spirit.

Friday, July 6th, 1869
(Private Session)

Reading of the works and minutes of the June 29th session.


1st – Mr. Achille R… reads a letter from Limoges, in which the author speaks of a medium friend of his who is lead to work between eight and nine hours per day by a spirit. He says that the spirit gives him an infallible criterion to ensure the identity of the spirits, avoiding deception; but he is advised to keep this and the communications as a secret.

Mr. Allan Kardec comments that he sees three reasons for suspicion in this case: first is the duration of the work imposed on to the medium, this being always an indication of obsession. There is no doubt that the spirits may ask the medium to write, but in general this is not imperative and there is no absolute prescription about the duration of the works or the time. On the contrary, the spirits stop the medium when there is excessive dedication. The second point is the supposedly infallible criterion to ascertain the identity of the spirits. Finally, the third one is the request for secrecy. If the prescription were good, there would be no reason for mystery. It seems that the spirit wants to excite the medium in order to drive him at will, favoring the supposed infallibility of his process. It is likely that the spirit is afraid that others may see things clearly, revealing his maneuvers. That is why silence is recommended so that there is no opposition. It is a means of always being right.


1st – Evocation of François Arago through Ms. H… St. Louis responds that this medium is not adequate to that spirit. He advises another choice. Several questions are addressed regarding this subject about the special skills of a medium to receive communications from this or that spirit. Here is the answer: “A spirit comes preferably to a person whose ideas sympathize with their own when alive. There is an agreement of thoughts between Heavens and Earth, still more significant than on Earth.

2nd – Question proposed by Mr. Count Z…about the distinction made by certain somnambulistic mediums who designate men as blue lights and women as white light. He asks if the perispirits have different colors according to the gender. The spirit that was questioned responds: “That has no relationship with our world; it is a purely physical fact depending on the person who sees it. There are some men who cannot see certain colors when in the waking state or see them in a different way from others. The same happens to those who are asleep. Some can see what others cannot.”

3rd – Four spontaneous essays were received; the first through Ms. Huet, from the spirit that continues to write his memories; the second by Mr. Didier about Spiritual Electricity, signed by Lamennais; the third by Mrs. Costel, about the High Trues of Spiritism, signed by Lazarus; the fourth by Ms. Stephan, about Each Task to Each Person, signed by Gustave Lenormand.

Friday, July 13th, 1860
(General Session)

Reading of the works and minutes of the July 6th session. Mr. Eugène de Porry, from Marseille, pays tribute to the Society with his new poem entitled Linda, Gallic Legend. The Society remembers the nice poem Urania, from the same author, thanking him for his new work. Ms. P… had the task of reporting it.


1st – Mr. S… transmits a note about a man that committed suicide last year at Rue Quincampoix in order to exempt his son from the military service. His evocation is thought to be instructive.

2nd – Mr. de Grand-Boulogne sends a note about Mr. Seih-ben-Moloka, a Muslim man who had just died in Tunisia, at the age of one hundred and ten years and whose life was remarkable for his charitable actions.

A conversation is established about longevity. Mr. de GrandBoulogne, who has lived among the Arabs for a long time, says that such examples are not so rare among them, leading him to believe in the influence of sobriety. He met one that was about one hundred and fifty years old. Mr. Count Z… says that Siberia might be the place where longevity is more frequent. Sobriety and climate have no doubt great influence in life’s duration. But what must definitely contribute to that is piece of mind and absence of moral concerns that generally affect life in the civilized society, wearing it out prematurely. That is the reason why we can find a higher amount of elderly people among those who are closer to nature.

3rd – Mr. Allan Kardec tells a personal story that shows the desire of certain spirits who were never evoked to be evoked. They take advantage of any opportunity to communicate when the occasion may arise.

4th – Several members comment about the protest published in several newspapers by Mr. Lerible, former coal trader from Rue de Grès, where remarkable manifestations took place in 1849 and whose authenticity had been questioned.


1st – Critical analysis of Lamennais’ essay about the Spiritual Electricity, given on the July 6th session.

2nd – The person who committed suicide at Rue Quincampoix is evoked.

3rd – Evocation of Gustave Lenormand.

4th – Several questions about the mediums.

5th – Three spontaneous essays: first, about the Spirits’ Knowledge by Channing; the second, a continuation of the Electricity of Thought, by Delphine de Girardin; the third one about Charity, signed by Lamennais, with respect to the news that were read about Seih-ben-Moloka, the Muslim.

Friday, July 20th, 1860
(Private Session)

Reading of the works and minutes of the July 13th session.

The President makes an observation that since some time now we are no longer reading, as agreed, the names of the spirits that request assistance. From now on this shall be done after the general evocation.


1st – Two essays read, obtained by Mr. C…, a new medium: one about Man’s Pretensions, signed by Massilon; the other about the Future, signed by St. Louis. Mr. C… asks if there wouldn’t be a replacement of the spirit, particularly in the last case, irrespective of his opinion. After a careful examination the Society acknowledges that its content is of an indisputable superiority and there is nothing in that message that may contradict St. Louis’ character, thus concluding that it has to come from an elevated spirit.

2nd – Another essay obtained by Ms. Costel about Experience, and signed by Georges.

The President announces that several of the new members have made remarkable progress as mediums of several types. He invites them to inform the Society about the works that they have obtained. The Society has time limitation for its works. It must be the center of collection of those results obtained in private sessions. It would be even selfish to keep for themselves works that could be useful to all. Furthermore, it is a means of controlling those messages by the clarifications that may result from them, unless the medium is convinced of the infallibility of his communications, or like that one from Limoges, the medium had received the recommendation of keeping the messages as a secret, which would certainly be a bad sign and double reason for suspicion. The first quality of a medium is total abnegation from self-esteem, like that of false modesty, and that is why the medium cannot take the credit for what is good nor be criticized for bad communications. The Society is a family whose members, given to reciprocal benevolence, must be driven by the sole desire of enlightenment, banishing any sense of personality and rivalry, if they understand the Doctrine as true Spiritists.

By the way, Mr. C… gave a very good example showing that he is not one of those mediums who think that they have nothing to learn because they receive a few communications signed by great names. The more important the names the more one must be afraid of being tricked by deceiving spirits.

3rd – Mr. Achille R… reads a letter reporting a curious case of spontaneous manifestation that took place in a prison in Limoges, whose authenticity was verified by the author of the letter. To be published below under the title Varieties.

4th – Mr. Allan Kardec tells another very original story that was reported to him last year by a visitor that he does not remember the name or the address, and thus he cannot request confirmation. The story is the following:

A doctor who was a believer spoke about Spiritism with his friend, who was a skeptical, saying:
• I will make a test I don’t know if I will succeed. In any case I cannot promise anything. Tell me the name of a living person to whom you are very sympathetic. The friend then indicated a young lady who lived in a very distant town, also known by the doctor who then said:
• Go for a stroll in the garden and see what is going to happen. I repeat that this is an experiment and may result in nothing. During his friend’s stroll he evoked the young lady. Fifteen minutes later his friend came back and said:
• I have just seen her. She was dressed in white, came close to me, shook my hand and vanished. What is really strange is that she left this ring in my finger. The doctor then immediately sent the lady’s father the following telegram:
• Ask me nothing. Answer immediately and tell me what was your daughter doing at 3pm and how she was dressed. The answer:
• At 3pm my daughter was with me in the living room. She was wearing a white dress; she fell asleep for 15 or 20 minutes but when she woke up she noticed that she no longer had the ring that she usually wears.

A discussion was established regarding this and several levels of possibility or impossibility were examined. St. Louis was questioned about it and responded:
• The fact of the apparition is possible; the contribution of the perispirit of the living person is not less possible. Everything is certainly possible to God but he does not allow such things except, very rarely. A detached spirit may realize those contributions more easily. As for telling you if that did in fact happen, I don’t know.

NOTE: Once this fact is published we would kindly ask the person who told us that to come forward and provide further clarifications about it.


1st – Questions about spirits that take other people’s names

2nd – The spirit from Rue des Noyers is evoked.

3rd – Five spontaneous essays are obtained: the first is from Lamennais that requests a correction of his text about Charity; the second about the Victims of Siria, signed by Jean; the third about Intelligence Aberrations, signed by Georges; the fourth about the Mediums’ Mistakes, signed by Paul; the fifth about the Mediums’ Support, signed by Gustave Lenormand.

During the session very distinctive knocks were heard near Ms. Stephan. It was the spirit of Gustave that, as he said, wanted to force her to write, although she was not aware of that. He thought that this would be a means of provoking questions, forcing her to come to the table, since he wanted to give a communication through her.

After the session, in a private communication, St. Louis was asked if he was satisfied, to which he responded: “Yes and no. You made a mistake by allowing continuous whispering by certain members while the spirits were interrogated. Sometimes you receive communications that need serious reply from your side and answers even more serious from the evoked spirits who will be unhappy with this, I can assure you. Hence, you shall not receive anything perfect because the medium gets seriously distracted, compromising his work. Here is what you need to do: read these observations in the next session, which shall be understood by all members. Tell them that this is not a room for conversations.”

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