The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Society, medium Mrs. de Boyer)

My name is Michael. I am one of the spirits assigned to guard the children. What a kind mission! What happiness it gives to the soul! The protection of children, you will ask! Don’t they have their mothers, the good angels designated to shelter them? Why would there still be the need for a spirit to watch over them? However, how about those who no longer have their mothers? Don’t they exist in a large number?

And how about the mother, doesn’t she, sometimes need help? Who wakes her up in her first sleep? Who makes her foresee the danger, creating relief when the pain is great? It is us, always us. We turn the naughty child away from the cliff; we keep the dangerous animals and the wild fire away from her, fire that could burn her beautiful hair. Our mission is gentle! We are still the ones who inspire in them compassion towards the poor, sweetness, goodness. Not one of them, even the worst of them, could disturb us. There is always a time when their little hearts are open to us. How many of you will be impressed by that mission. However, don’t you always say that there is a God to the children, particularly to the poor children? No, not a God, but angels, friends. Otherwise, how could you explain these miraculous rescues? There are still many other powers whose existence you don’t even suspect. There is the spirit of flowers, of perfumes; a thousand and one others whose more or less elevated missions would seem charming and privileged to you, after your tough life of trials. I will invite them to come to you. At this point in time I am rewarded by a life entirely dedicated to children. Married at a young age to a man who had many, I was not fortunate to have my own children. Entirely dedicated to them, the good and sovereign God has allowed me to guard the children. Smooth and sacred mission, I repeat, whose efficacy the mothers present here could not deny. Good-bye, I will go now to the bedside of my little protected ones. The time of sleep is my time, and it is necessary that I visit all those lovely closed eyelids. Make no mistake, the good angel who watches over them is not an allegory but a truth.

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