The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Ms. Indermuhle

Born deaf-mute, currently 32 years old, living in Berne (Session of February 10th, 1860)

1. (To St. Louis) – Can we establish communication with the spirit of Ms. Indermuhle? – A. Yes, you can.

2. Evocation. – A. I am here and I say so in the name of God.

3. (To St. Louis) – Can you tell us if the spirit who responds is actually that of Ms. Indermuhle? – A. I can positively assure you. Are you so advanced and believe that if it were another spirit responding it would be more embarrassing? The affirmation demonstrates that she is here. It is up to you to ensure a good communication by the nature and objective of your questions.

3a. (To Ms. Indermuhle) * – Do you really know where you are now? – A. I know perfectly well. Do you think I was not informed about it?

4. How can you respond to us here if your body is in Switzerland? – A. Because it is not the body that responds. As a matter of fact, and as you know, my body is absolutely incapable of doing that.

5. What is your body doing right now? – A. It is asleep.

6. Is your body healthy? – A. Yes, very healthy. OBSERVATION: Ms. Indermuhle’s brother who was attending the session confirmed that she was really healthy.

7. How long did it take you to get here from Switzerland? – A. A time that you cannot perceive.

8. Where you aware of the directions taken to come here? – A. No.

9. Are you surprised for being here in this meeting? – A. My first answer demonstrates the opposite.

10. What would happen if your body woke up while you are here? – A. I would be there.

11. Is there any link between your spirit that is here and your body there? – A. Yes, without it how could I be informed that I should return?

12. Do you see us clearly? – A. Yes, perfectly well.

13. Do you understand that you can see us but we cannot see you? – A. Yes, no doubt.

14. Can you hear the sound that I produce now by knocking? – A. I am not deaf here.

15. How could you know since you cannot compare with a memory from when you are awake? – A. I was not born yesterday.

OBSERVATION: The memory of the sensation of noise comes from existences in which she was not deaf. The answer is perfectly logical.

16. Would the sound of music give you pleasure? – A. The more pleasure the longer it lasts. Sing something for me.

17. We are sorry for not being able to do it now and for not having here an instrument to give you such a pleasure. It seems to us however that since your spirit separates from the body every day during your sleep, it must be transported to places where you can hear music. – A. That rarely happens to me.

18. How can you respond in French since you are German and you ignore our language? – A. Thought has no language. I transmit it to the medium’s guide who then translates it to the language that he is familiar with.

19. Who is the guide that you are talking about? – A. The familiar spirit of the medium. That is how you can receive communications from foreign spirits and that is how the spirits speak all languages.

OBSERVATION: Thus, the answers would often reach us only from third parties. The interrogated spirit transmits their thought to the familiar spirit, this one to the medium and the medium translates it, speaking or writing. Now, since the medium may be assisted by spirits more or less good, this explains why in several occasions the thought of the interrogated spirit may be altered. Hence, St. Louis said that the presence of the evoked spirit is not always enough to ensure the integrity of the answers. It is up to us to analyze and judge if they are logical and in agreement with the level of the spirit. As a matter of fact, according to Ms. Indermuhle, this triple channel would only happen with foreign spirits.

20. What is the origin of the illness that has affected you? – A. A voluntary cause.

21. Why on Earth would all six siblings be equally affected? – A. For the same reason as I am.

22. Then, it was voluntarily that you all chose the same trial? We believe that such a gathering in the same family must happen as a trial to the parents. Is that a good reason? – A. It is close to the truth.

23. Do you see your brother here? – A. What a question!

24. Are you happy for seeing him? – A. Same answer.

OBSERVATION: It is a known fact that the spirits don’t like to repeat themselves. Our language is so slow to them that they avoid anything that seems useless. This is a peculiarity that characterizes the serious spirits. The lighthearted, mocking, obsessing and pseudo-wise spirits are generally talkative and verbose. Like those people with no foundation, they speak and say nothing; the words replace the thoughts that they believe by imposing phrases with redundant words and an obscure style.

25. Would you like to tell him anything? – A. May he receive my most sincere appreciation for his good thoughts in bringing me here where I am now, fortunately in touch with good spirits, although some are not so worthy. I have learned a lot and shall not forget what I owe him.

* The number 3 appears repeated in the original - NT

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