The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Received by Mrs. Lesc…, medium)

It is wrong to frequently give in to sadness. Make no mistake. Sorrow is a firm and honest feeling that hurts people right in the heart or in their interests, but the vile sadness is no more than the physical manifestation of the slow or the torrent blood that follows its course. A lot of weakness and selfishness is covered up in the name of sadness. It debilitates the yielding spirit. Sorrow, on the contrary, is the bread of the strong; the bitter food that feeds on the faculties of the spirit, reducing the animal influence. Do not seek the martyrdom of the body, but eagerly seek the martyrdom of the soul. People understand that movement is needed to maintain life but don’t understand that suffering is needed to exercise moral qualities. Happiness, or simply joy, is such a brief guest of humanity that you cannot withstand it without having been crushed, however slight it may be. You were cut to suffer and incessantly dream of happiness because you are wingless birds, grounded, looking to the skies and longing for the infinity.
George, a familiar spirit

Observation: These two communications undoubtedly contain beautiful thoughts and images of great elevation, but they seem to have been written under the influence of somewhat somber and pessimistic ideas. They seem to carry the expression of a broken heart. The spirit that dictated them died a few years ago; he was good friends with the medium when alive, becoming a familiar spirit after his death. He was a talented painter, leading a calm and serene life. Who knows if that was also the case in his previous existence? Nonetheless, all of his communications attest depth and wisdom. One could say that they reflect the medium’s character. Mrs. L is undoubtedly a very serious lady, in many aspects above the vulgar, and that is what attracts the sympathy of the good spirits to her, apart from her mediumistic faculties. However, the following message received at the Society demonstrates that she can obtain communications of much varied characters.

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