The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Dwelling of the Elected
Ones (By Mrs. D…)

Your thoughts are absorbed by earthly things. If you want to listen to us you must forget them. Let us try to talk from a higher level. May your spirit elevate to those regions, the dwelling of the elected ones by the Lord. Behold the worlds that await all mortals, whose places are set according to the merits they have earned. What happiness is found by those dedicated to the sacred things, to the great teachings given in the name of God! Oh men! How little you are compared to the spirits parted from matter, who inhabit the spaces by the glory of the Lord! Happy are those invited to dwell the worlds where matter is not but a word; where everything is ethereal and translucent; where disagreements are no longer heard. Heavenly music is the only noise that clears the senses, so perfect capturing the tiniest sounds, of which are called harmony! How graceful are all those creatures so much loved by God! What a subtleness when moving about those enchanted regions, their refuge! No more disagreements, envy or hatred there; love has become the link destined to unite them all. Such a love which fulfills their hearts, the end in itself, summarizes faith, love and charity.

A friend

(Another, by the same medium)

Your obliviousness afflicted me. Don’t leave me any more for such a long time without calling me. I feel prepared to speak with you and give you advice. Be careful and don’t believe everything the other spirits might tell you; they could perhaps lead you to the wrong path. Before anything else, be sensible so that your God given mission is not denied to you, and do as follows: help to bring to people’s attention the revelation about the existence of the spirits around them. Not everyone is ready to understand and appreciate the elevated reach of these things, whose knowledge God only allows to the elected ones. There shall be a day in which this Science, full of greatness and consolation, will be shared by the whole human race, when there will no longer be a single skeptical. People will then have a hard time to understand how such a tangible truth could have ever been disputed by the simplest of the mortals. In truth, I tell you that half a century will not go by without having the ears and eyes of everyone open to this great truth: that the spirits circulate in space and occupy different worlds, according to their merit before God’s eyes; that the true life is in death and that the individual needs to redeem many times before obtaining the eternal life, achieved by everyone in more or less centuries of suffering, according to their more or less faith before the teachings of the Lord.

A friend

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