The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Mrs. Costel)

I will talk about the strange phenomenon that takes place in the meetings, whatever their character. I mean the electricity of thought, which spreads as if by magic through the brains of those less prepared to receive it. That alone could confirm magnetism to the eyes of the most incredulous. I am amazed by the coexistence of the phenomena and how they reciprocally confirm each other. You will certainly say: Spiritism explains them all, because it provides the reason for the facts up until now left to the domain of superstition. It is necessary to believe in what Spiritism teaches you since it transforms stones into diamonds, that is, it incessantly elevates the souls dedicated to its understanding, giving them patience to endure their sufferings on Earth, allowing them the glorious elevation in heaven, drawing them closer to the Creator.

I return to the starting point from which I moved a little bit away. The electricity that unites the spirit of people in an assembled meeting, allowing them to simultaneously understand the same thing, that very electricity shall one day be employed with such efficiency among people as it is in the communications at a distance. I reveal to you this idea that I will develop one day because it is very prolific. Keep the serenity in your works and count on the benevolence of the good spirits that assist you.

I will complete my thought that was unfinished in my previous communication. I was speaking about the electricity of thought and I told you that one day it would be used like its sister, the physical electricity is used. In fact, when in a meeting, people release the fluids that transmit the minimal impressions to them, with the speed of light. Why hasn’t such a means been used, for example, to discover a criminal or to make the masses understand the truths of religion or Spiritism? In the great criminal or political trials the audience of the judicial dramas could detect the magnetic current that progressively forces those very people more interested in hiding their thoughts to reveal it or even accuse themselves, since they no longer can withstand the electrical pressure that would irrespectively produce the truth, not out of their consciousness, but of their hearts. Apart from those strong emotions, the same phenomenon happens with intellectual ideas, transmitted from the brain to brain. The means then has already been found. It is necessary to apply it: to gather in the same center, people of conviction, or educated people, and bring together the contrast of ignorance or vice. Such experiments must be carried out with awareness and are more importantly than debates about words.

Delphine de Girardin

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