The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Mrs. Costel)

Jupiter is infinitely larger than the Earth and looks very different. It is embraced by a pure and brilliant light that illuminates but does not obfuscate. The trees, flowers, insects, the animals which have their starting point here, are larger and more perfected; nature is more grandiose and varied; temperature is stable and pleasing; eyes and ears are enchanted by harmony. The form of its inhabitants is like yours but embellished, perfected and purified above all. We are not subjected to the material needs of your physical nature and neither have we the consequent needs or diseases. Our souls are covered by a diaphanous wrapping, which keeps the signs of past migrations. We show ourselves to our friends as we were known to them but lit by a divine light, transfigured by our inner and always elevated feelings.

Like Earth, Jupiter is also divided in a large number of regions with different aspects, but not different climates. The different conditions are only determined by the moral superiority and intelligence; there are no master or slaves; the highest echelons are characterized by direct communications with pure spirits and by the most important functions assigned to us. Your homes cannot give you the slightest idea about ours since we don’t share the same needs. We appreciate art that has achieved a degree of perfection unknown to you. We enjoy sublime events, as we have a better understanding of the inextinguishable varieties of Creation; all harmonious varieties originating at the same starting point, perfecting in the same direction. Every noble and kind feeling of human nature is more elevated and purified and the constant desire to reach the level of the pure spirits is a noble ambition, rather than a torment, driving us to our betterment. We study constantly and with love in order to elevate ourselves to them, as the inferior spirits as well, try to reach our level. Your tiniest hatred, your petty jealousies are unknown to us. The strongest help is given to the weakest. You need the shadow of evil to understand the good in your world, you need darkness to admire light, disease to appreciate health. Those contrasts are unnecessary here since eternal light, eternal benevolence and peace bring eternal joy upon us. Here is what is most difficult for the human spirit to understand: it was ingenious to paint the torments of hell; it could never represent the joys of heavens. Why? Because since it is inferior, and having only endured sufferings and misery, it cannot foresee the celestial clarities. It can only speak of what is known, like the traveler who describes only the countries that were visited in his journey. However, as the spirit elevates and purifies, the horizon widens up and he perceives the good before his eyes, as the evil left behind will also be understood. There has already been other spirits who have tried to help you to understand, as much it is possible to your current condition, the state of the happy worlds, so as to stimulate you to follow the only path leading to them. However, there are still so many of you attached to matter that you prefer the physical joys of Earth to the pure joys reserved to those who know how to disengage from material links. May they enjoy then while they are there, for a sad turnaround awaits, perhaps still in this life! Those that we have chosen as our interpreters are the first ones to receive the light. Woe to them, especially if they do not profit from the favor that God has granted, for his justice will weigh heavily upon them!

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