The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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The Enemies of Progress
(Medium Mr. R…)

The enemies of progress, of light and truth, work in the shadows. They prepare a crusade against our manifestations. Don’t bother with that. You are powerfully supported. Let them agitate in their impotence. However, dedicate yourselves to combat, annihilate by all means at your disposal the idea of eternal penalties, that blasphemy against God’s justice and benevolence, constituting the most fecund source of incredulity, materialism and indifference that invades the masses since their intelligence started to develop. The spirit has quickly learned the monstrous injustice as soon as it was freed from the gross primitivism and just prior to becoming enlightened. Human beings’ reason repels it and rarely confuses it in the same ostracism of the revolting penalty and the God to whom it is attributed.

Thus the innumerable evils that have precipitated upon you and to which we bring the remedy. The more the authorities that support the defenders of that belief avoid a formal declaration, the easier is the task that we have assigned to you. Neither the Councils nor the priests of the Church have brought this grave question to a closure. If, according to the Evangelists themselves and taking Christ’s emblematic words literally, he has threatened the guilty ones with an endless fire, an eternal fire, there is absolutely nothing in his words which demonstrates that he has condemned the wicked for eternity. Poor lost sheep, you must understand the Good Shepherd that comes from far away and instead of willing to banish you forever from his presence he comes himself to meet you and bring you back to the flock. Lost sheep leave you voluntary exile. Drive your steps towards the paternal dwelling. The Father embraces you and is always ready to celebrate your return to the family.


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