The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Society, February 3rd, 1860 – Medium Ms. Huet)

How can an intelligent person not believe in the immortality of the soul and consequently in a future life other than that of Spiritism? What should become of that immense love that a mother devotes to her children, the great care since their infancy, and the enlightened dedication of a father to the education of a beloved son? All annihilated at the time of separation or death? Would we then be like animals whose instincts are undoubtedly remarkable but which no longer take care of their offspring beyond the time necessary to attend their maternal needs?

When that time has come parents abandon their children and it is all over: the body is raised, there is no soul. However, the individual would not have a soul, an immortal soul! How about the sublime genius that can only be compared to God, since it comes from God, that genius that generates prodigies, that creates masterpieces, all that would be annihilated by the individual’s death? What Profanation absurdity! One cannot destroy in such a way those God given things. Raphael, Newton, Michelangelo and so many other sublime geniuses still illuminate the world with their spirit, although their bodies no onger exist. Make no mistake; they live and shall live forever. As for the communication with you, that is more difficult to admit by the vast majority of people. It is only through the study and observation that they can be ensured of such possibility.


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