The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Development of the Ideas
Regarding the evocation of Thilorier (medium Mrs. Costel)

I will talk about the need for gathering several elements of the spirit to form a whole. It is a common illusion that the development of a special skill requires a special study. No. Human spirit, like a river, enlarges with all its tributaries. Human beings must not be isolated in their work, that is, they must sprout the force of the ideas in contact with every opposition. Originality is the contrast of the mother-idea; it is one of the rarest superiorities. It is muffled since childhood by an absurd rule that reduces every spirit to the same level. I will explain this idea. Thilorier, that you have just evoked, was a passionate inventor, an active intelligence, but he had shut himself in the sphere of his invention, that is, in a fixed idea. He would never allow himself the fresh air of other peoples’ ideas. Hence, he was imprisoned by his own mind. The genius floated around him. Because he closed all openings, he allowed madness, the sister of genius, to penetrate and invade such a well-guarded place. Thilorier, who would have left an immortal name, now lives only in the memories of a few scientists. Georges (a familiar spirit)

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