The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Mr. Alfred Didier)

Christ loved a man called Lazarus. He suffered when he heard about his death and asked to be taken to his tomb. Lazarus’ sister begged the Lord, saying: “Is it possible to bring my brother back from the dead? Oh you, who loved him so much, give his life back!”

Nineteenth century world, you are also dead. Faith, which gives life to people, extinguishes gradually. Some believers uselessly tried to wake you up from your agony. It is too late. Lazarus is dead. Only God can save him.

Christ was then led to the grave. The stone was lifted, showing bandages that dressed the cadaver, and the horror of death. Christ raised his eyes to heaven, hand in hand with Lazarus’s sister, he lifted his arm and declared: “Lazarus, stand up!” Despite his bandages and shroud he awoke and stood up.

Oh World! You are like Lazarus. Nothing can bring you back to life. Your materialism, your turpitudes, your skepticism are the bandages around your cadaver, and you smell bad for you have been dead for a long time. What is that, which will make you cry out, just as Lazarus: Do you rise up in the name of God? It is Christ, obeying the appeal of the Holy Spirit. For ages, the voice of God was heard. Are you more decomposed than Lazarus?


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