The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Different Orders of Spirits
Private communication obtained by Mrs. D…, member of the Society, from her deceased husband.

Listen to me, dear friend, if you want me to tell you great things. Don’t you see the direction taken by certain events and the progress that the sacred works can achieve by that? Listen to the elevated spirits, but watch out and do not confuse them with those who try to impose themselves with a language that is more pretentious than profound. Do not mix your thoughts with theirs. Would it be admissible that the inhabitants of Earth could see things from the same standpoint as the spirits detached from matter and who are obedient to our Lord’s laws? Do not mix all spirits in the same group for they come from very different orders. The study of Spiritism teaches you, but on this side, how much you still have to learn! There is a multitude of individuals on Earth whose intelligences are not similar. Some among them are closer to the animals than to human beings, whereas there are others so much superior that one is tempted to say that they are closer to God, a kind of blasphemy which must be translated by the idea that they carry a spark from those celestial clarities, planted into their hearts by our Divine Master. Well then! Whatever is the diversity among all intelligences of the human race, be assured that such diversity is still infinitely greater among the spirits. There are spirits in such a level of inferiority that you cannot find any similar among people, however there are those sufficiently purified to get closer to God, contemplating God in all God’s glory. Submitted to God’s will, their only wish is to satisfy and please God. These are called upon to circulate around the globes or to stop over according to the conveniences for the execution of the great designs of the Creator, and to some God says: Go, reveal my power to these elemental beings whose intelligences can now understand it. To others God says: Travel around those worlds so that the superior beings that inhabit them, guided by your teachings, may add new greatness to the ones that have already been revealed to them. May all be instructed and learn since there will come a day when the clarities from above will no longer be shaded but will shine forever.
Your friend

The two messages below were obtained in a small and intimate circle in Luxemburg, sent to us by our colleague Mr. Solichon, who was present. We regret the fact that our activities have not allowed us yet to go to those meetings, to which we were kindly invited. We will be happy to be able to attend them since we know that they are presided by a feeling of true Christian charity and reciprocal benevolence.

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