The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Society, January 20th, 1860

You are guided by the true Genius of Christianity, as I told you. Christ himself presides over every work in progress, opening up the era of renovation and betterment predicted by your spiritual guides. In fact, if you look to the contemporary events, beyond the spiritist manifestations, you will undoubtedly recognize the precursor signs inexorably demonstrating that the time has come.

Communications are established among all peoples and the material barriers are knocked down. The moral obstacles opposed to their union; the political and religious prejudices will quickly fade away and the kingdom of fraternity will then be definitely established and everlasting. Behold, - something incredible to us - the sovereigns themselves, as if guided by invisible hand, from now on are taking the initiative of the reforms; and the reforms which spontaneously come from the top are faster and more long-lived than those which forcibly come from the bottom. Despite the prejudices of childhood and education, and the cult of the past, I have foreseen the current times. I am happy for that and even more so for having come to tell you: “Courage brothers! Work for you and your family’s future. Work for your personal improvement, before anything else, and you will enjoy in your new existence a happiness which is as much difficult to imagine as it is to me to explain it to you.

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