The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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September 19th, 1860

Mr. Guillaume, one of the members, was kind enough to expose the feelings of the spiritists of Lyon through the speech below, given in an intimate and familiar gathering. By reading it everybody will understand that we hesitated to have it published in The Review, despite the requests to have it done. Thus, we only yielded after requests, afraid that we could otherwise indicate lack of recognition for the testimonies of sympathy that we received. We then beg the readers to make an abstraction of the person and not to see in the words a tribute paid to the Spiritism. 

“To Mr. Allan Kardec, the zealous promoter of Spiritism!”

“We owe the fact that we are gathered here today, in this pleasant and fraternal banquet, to your courage, to your illumination and to your devout perseverance.”

“May every spiritist of Lyon never forget that if they are fortunate to feel better, despite all harmful influences which always detour the individual from the path of good, they owe that to The Spirits’ Book.”

“If your existence has soothed; if your heart is more depurated and kind; if it has expelled rage and vengeance, it is owed to The Spirits’ Book.”

“If the turmoil of fortune are endured with courage in their private life; if they repeal all means of acquiring material goods based on astuteness and lies, they owe that to The Spirits’ Book, which led them to understand their trials, shedding the kind of light that dissipates darkness.”

“If on a perhaps not too distant day, people become human, fraternal and dedicated to the same faith; if charity to them is no longer an empty word, they will still owe that to The Spirits’ Book, dictated by the best among them to Mr. Allan Kardec, chosen to spread the light.”

“Praise the sincere union of the Spiritists of Lyon! Praise the Parisian Society of Spiritist Studies, whose radiation has clarified us all, and that is the advanced sentinel, assigned with the mission of clearing the difficult path of progress!”

“Paris is the mind of Spiritism, as Lyon must deserve to be the heart, for its union, work, enlightenments and love.”

“When heart and mind are united in the same faith to reach the same objective, France will soon have only dedicated and loving brothers.”

“Let us then grow by the union in love and our feelings, our principles shall soon cover the whole world. Spiritism, ladies and gentlemen, is the only way for us to promptly get to the Kingdom of God.”

“Honor the Spiritist Society of Paris! Honor Mr. Allan Kardec, the founder and the first link of the great spiritist chain!”


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