The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(By Mr. Pêcheur)

My friend, don’t you know that the person who follows the path of progress is always faced by ignorance and envy? Envy is the dust lifted by your steps. Your ideas cause revolt to certain people because they don’t understand them or muffle the voice of their conscience with their pride, which proclaims in turn: what you repeal now shall one day be brought back to you by your judge. It is God’s hand reaching out to you to remove you from the quagmire in which you were thrown into by your own passions. Listen to the voice of reason for a moment. Consider that you live in the century of money, dominated by the self; that the love for things dries your heart out, overloading your conscience with your faults, and even crimes which must be confessed. Unfaithful people who call themselves skillful, your skills will wreck you. You shall be offered no help. You turned a blind eye to the misfortunes of others and you shall go down without a tear dropped on your behalf. Stop! There is still time. May regret get into your hearts; may it be sincere and God shall forgive you. Look for the unfortunate ones, who dare not to complain, slowly killed by their misery, and the poor relieved by your gestures will have your name in their prayers; they shall bless the hand that may perhaps save their daughter from dying of hunger and dishonoring shame. Disgrace will fall upon you if your ears are deaf to their voices. God told you, through the sacred mouth of Christ: love your neighbor as yourself. Hasn’t God given you reason to judge between good and evil? Hasn’t God given you a heart to have pity on the sufferings of your equals? Don’t you feel that you are suppressing the voice of charity and progress by suppressing your own conscience? Don’t you feel as if you are dragging an empty body? Don’t you feel as if nothing beats in your chest, making your walk in uncertainty?

As you have fled the light and your eyes have become of the flesh, you are filled with darkness and fear that agitates you. You search, but it is too late to leave this road that is crumbling under your feet. Fear that you cannot define, you judge as superstitious. You pretend to be generous, hoping to redeem your selfish life; you give alms with the fear that you will snatch it back, but God knows what drives you. You cannot deceive God. Your life shall end hopelessly and you won’t be able to push it back by a single day. It shall end, despite your wealth, ambitioned in anticipation by your children, since you have given them the example. Like you, they have a unique love for gold, their only dream of happiness. When that time of justice comes, you will have to face the supreme and forgotten Judge.

Your daughter

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