The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Each person has in one’s innermost self what you call an interior voice. It is what the spirits calls conscience, a severe judge overseeing all actions of your life. When the individual is alone one hears that conscience and ponders things in their fair value. The person is sometimes ashamed of oneself. At that moment one acknowledges God but ignorance, that fatal advisor, pushes the person away, dressing one up with the mask of pride. It shows itself full of emptiness, seeking to deceive you by its arrogance. But the righteous person does not hold a proud head; one thoughtfully listens to the words of wisdom; one feels that God is everything. The person seeks enlightenment in the book of nature, written by the Creator’s hand. One’s spirit elevates, expelling from one’s body the material passions which frequently veer oneself off course. That dragging passion is a dangerous guide.

Stay strong my friend and let the skeptical laugh since one’s laughter shall end. The human being becomes a believer at the time of one’s death. My friend, keep God in your thoughts, the only one who will not deceive you. Keep in mind that there is only one path leading to God: faith and love to one’s fellow being.

Your daughter

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