The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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From a Dead Brother to her Sister
(Medium Mrs. Schmidt)

My sister, you don’t evoke me frequently but that does not preclude me to come to see you every day. I know your concerns: your life is painful, I know that, but it is necessary to endure the not always happy fate. However, there is sometimes a relief in your penalties. For example, someone that does good to the expense of their own happiness may mitigate the rigor of their own trials or those of others.

It is rare to do good with such abnegation in this world. It is difficult, no doubt, but it is not impossible, and the ones who have that sublime virtue are the real elected of the Lord. If we were aware of that poor peregrination on Earth we would understand that. That is not the case though: people remain in the permanent search for material things, as if they would stay in this exile forever. Nevertheless, common sense and the simplest logic daily demonstrates that we are no more than migrating birds here and those who have lighter wings are the ones who arrive sooner. My good sister, what good does all that wealth do to the rich? Tomorrow there will be no jewels helping them to step down into the tomb, where there is nothing to carry along! It is true that it has been a beautiful journey to them; nothing was missed; there was nothing else to be desired and the niceties of life were all experienced. It is also true that they have sometimes thrown the alms in the hands of their brothers with a smile in their faces. Has it deprived them from anything in life? No, not a single pleasure was missed, not a single fantasy. However, that brother is also a son of God, father of all of us, to whom everything belongs. Do you understand, my sister, that a good father does not deprive one of his sons to enrich the other? That is why he will compensate the one that was without in this life.

Thus, those who consider themselves disinherited, abandoned and forgotten will soon reach the blessed side where there is justice and happiness. However, unfortunate are the ones who have made bad use of the means entrusted by our Father. Unfortunate is also the person endowed by the precious gift of intelligence if he has abused it! Believe me, Maria, when there is belief in God there is nothing on Earth to be envy about but the blessings of practicing His laws.

Your brother, Wilhelm

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