The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Estelle Riquier
Society, January 13th, 1860

I am consumed by boredom, grief, and despair. Guilty wife, cruel mother, I abandoned the sacred joys of my family; the matrimonial dwelling beautified by the presence of two little angels from heavens. Dragged by the paths of addiction, by a limitless egotism, pride and vanity, a woman with no heart, I conspired against the sacred love of the one who God and people had given me as the support of my life. He hopelessly sought the refuge of death against my coward abandonment and dishonor.

Christ forgave the adulterous woman and the regretful Magdalene. The adulterous woman had loved and Magdalene repented. But I, miserable one, I sold dearly a false love which I had never felt. I sowed pleasure and did not harvest but neglect. The horrible misery and cruel hunger brought an end to a hateful life… and I did not regret! And I, miserable and infamous, oh! How often have I employed my influence as a spirit, leading poor women to the vice, women that I saw virtuous and in good health, enjoying the happiness which I had neglected? Will God ever forgive me? Perhaps, if the disgust inspired in you doesn’t prevent you from praying for the unfortunate Estelle Riquier.

OBSERVATION: The following questions were addressed to this uncalled spirit, and unknown to the audience.

1. When have you died? – A. Fifty years ago.

2. Where did you live? – A. In Paris.

3. What was your husband’s social echelon? – A. Middle class.

4. How old were you when you died? – A. I was 32.

5. How have you come spontaneously to communicate with us? – A. It was allowed for your instruction and to serve as an example.

6. Did you have any education? – Yes.

7. We hope that God will take into account the honesty of your confession and your regret. We wish God may be merciful to you and send good spirits to clarify you regarding the means of repairing your past. – A. Oh! Thank you, thank you! May God hear you!

OBSERVATION: Several people informed us that they consider a duty to pray for the suffering spirits that we have indicated and who ask for help. We wish these charitable thoughts may spread among our readers. Some received the spontaneous visit of the spirits to whom they addressed their good wishes, who came to thank them.

Present Time

Society, January 20th, 1860

You are guided by the true Genius of Christianity, as I told you. Christ himself presides over every work in progress, opening up the era of renovation and betterment predicted by your spiritual guides. In fact, if you look to the contemporary events, beyond the spiritist manifestations, you will undoubtedly recognize the precursor signs inexorably demonstrating that the time has come.

Communications are established among all peoples and the material barriers are knocked down. The moral obstacles opposed to their union; the political and religious prejudices will quickly fade away and the kingdom of fraternity will then be definitely established and everlasting. Behold, - something incredible to us - the sovereigns themselves, as if guided by invisible hand, from now on are taking the initiative of the reforms; and the reforms which spontaneously come from the top are faster and more long-lived than those which forcibly come from the bottom. Despite the prejudices of childhood and education, and the cult of the past, I have foreseen the current times. I am happy for that and even more so for having come to tell you: “Courage brothers! Work for you and your family’s future. Work for your personal improvement, before anything else, and you will enjoy in your new existence a happiness which is as much difficult to imagine as it is to me to explain it to you.

The Bells

Obtained by Mr. Pécher Society, January 13th, 1860

Can you tell me why have I always liked the sound of bells? The reason is that the soul of a person who thinks or suffers always tries to withdraw when feeling that mute happiness which awakes in us the vague memories of a past existence. That sound is a translation of Christ’s words that have been vibrating in the air for eighteen centuries. It is the voice of hope. How many hearts has it comforted! How much strength has it given to the believing humanity! The divine voice has terrified those people who were great in their times. They were scared of that because the truth that they had subdued made them tremble. Christ showed that to everyone. They killed the Christ but not the idea. His sacred word had been understood. It was immortal and yet how often has your heart been taken by doubt! How often has the individual accused God of unfairness! He exclaimed: My God, what have I done? Has disgrace followed me since birth? Am I then destined to follow this avenue which breaks my heart? There seems to be a fatality chained to my feet. I feel the strength failing me. I will break this life. At this point in time God shines a ray of hope onto your heart. A friendly hand removes the blindfold of materialism from your eyes and a voice from heavens tells you: Look at that bright light in the horizon. It is a sacred fire from God. That flame must illuminate and purify the world. It must make that light penetrate human’s heart and from there break the darkness that covers his eyes. Some people pretended to have brought you light only to produce a mist which lost you in the straight path. Don’t be blind, you to whom God shows the light. It is Spiritism that allows you to lift the tip of the veil which covered your past. Look at what you were and think. Bow before our Creator’s justice. Glorify God for giving you the courage to persist in your chosen trials. Christ said: “…for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” Such an absolutely spiritist thought contains the mystery of your sufferings. May hope in God’s benevolence give you courage and faith! Always listen to that voice which vibrates in your hearts. It is up to you to understand with wisdom and elevate your soul with fraternal thoughts. May the wealthy reach out to the unfortunate ones, since the wealth was not given for their personal pleasures, but to be God’s helper and God shall have you reporting to him the use you gave to that richness. Your virtues are the only wealth acknowledged by God; the only one which you shall carry when leaving this world. Let the false scholars talk, those who call you crazy. It may well be that tomorrow they will request your prayers since God will judge them.

From your daughter, who loves you and prays for you.

Family Advices

(Continuation – read at the Society on January 20th, 1860 – see January issue of the Review)

My dear children, in my preceding instructions I advised you with calmness and courage; however, not all of you show them as you should. You must consider that apologies do not mitigate pain. On the contrary, it tends to increase it. A good advice, a good word, a smile, a simple gesture gives strength and courage. A drop of tear softens the heart instead of hardening it. Cry, if your heart drives you to that but may it happen in solitude and not in the presence of those who need all of your energy or strength which a single tear or a sigh of sadness may diminish and weaken. We all need encouragement and nothing better than a friendly voice, a benevolent look, and a word from the heart. When I advised you to get together it was not to gather your tears and sufferings; it was not to drive you to the prayers which only demonstrate good intention but to unite your thoughts, your collective endeavors; so that you could mutually advise one another, and as a group you must try to triumph over the obstacles instead of sharing your sadness. A beggar will ask God for his subsistence in vain since it shall not fall from heavens. He must work and however little he may get that will have a greater value than all prayers. Useful work is the most pleasing prayer to God, whatever the work is. I repeat: the prayer only demonstrates a good intention, a good feeling; however it only produces a moral effect, because it is all moral. It is excellent as a consolation to the soul because the soul that sincerely prays finds relief to their moral sufferings. Outside of these effects and those which come from the prayers, as I have explained to you on other instructions, you must wait for nothing, since you will meet deception. Then, follow exactly my advices. Do not be content in asking God to help you. You must help yourselves and that is how you will demonstrate the authenticity of your prayers. In fact, it would be too easy to just ask for something in your prayers to have it granted. It would be the greatest stimulus to laziness and to the neglect of the good deeds. I could elaborate even further about it but it would be too much for you. Your level of advancement does not accommodate it. Think about this instruction, as about the preceding ones, for those are intended to occupy your minds for a long time. They have the embryonic teachings of everything which you shall learn in the future. Follow my previous advices.

Allan Kardec

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