The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Giver to my sadness

A look of tender pity!

You give my weakness
The support of your holy friendship!
Spirit, genie, or pure flame,
Suspend your flight toward the heavens;
Remain to enlighten my soul,
Oh mysterious advisor!
Messenger of Providence,
Sage interpreter of his law,
Oh! Speak; I listen in silence;
Divine Master, teach me.
Until recently, there was darkness of doubt,
The question hanging over my heart,
But your breath pushed aside this shadow,
Bringing me the joy of light!
Thus, God, the loving master,
Father, even more than Creator
Placed in his ineffable tenderness,
An angel close to our heart.
Each one of us, oh beautiful miracle!
Has a heavenly guardian;
Each one of us has his oracle
Our invisible support.
Lovely spirit that comforts me!
Blessed brother, gentle and pious,
With you my soul soars,
Flying towards the heavens!
Yes, I love you, protective spirit;
I gladly take your hand;
I am you, sweet star; illuminated
In heaven where we will be tomorrow.


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