The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Impressions of a Spirit
(Medium Mrs. Costel)

I will speak about the strange alterations that take place in the spirit just after their liberation. The spirit dissipates from the body left behind, like a flame disengaging from the fire it has produced; then arrives the moment of great confusion and strange doubt: am I dead or alive? The absence of the ordinary sensations of the body surprises and immobilizes; so to speak, as a person that used to carry a heavy weight, our suddenly light soul knows what to do with its freedom; and the infinity of space; the countless wonders of the stars in a succeeding harmonious rhythm; eager spirits floating in the air, and bursting with the subtle light that seems to pierce them, the sudden feeling of freedom that takes over all at once, with the need to soar into open space like birds who want to try their wings, such are the first impressions that all of us feel. I cannot tell you about all phases of this life. I will add only that as soon as the soul has had enough of that feeling it becomes eager to climb even higher, searching for the regions of true beauty, true good, and such aspiration is the torment of the thirsty spirits, aiming at infinity.

Like the chrysalis, they expect to get rid of their skin, feeling the sprouting wings that shall radiantly take them to the blessed blue skies.

However, still retained by wicked bonds, they must glide between Earth and Heaven, not belonging to one or another. What are all the earthly aspirations compared to the unquenchable ardor of one who has glimpsed a corner of eternity! Thus, you shall suffer a lot to become pure among us. Spiritism will help you since it is a blessed work. It connects the spirits and the living, forming the rings of an invisible chain that leads to God.

Delphine de Girardin

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