The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Mrs. Costel)

The spirits are divided in several categories. In the beginning the embryos, which have no distinct faculty; which move in the air like the insects flying around a Sun light beam, pointlessly, incarnating without a choice. They turn into ignorant and rude human beings. Above them come the frivolous spirits with no evil instincts, just jester; they have fun with people, causing them silly, child-like inconveniences. They show puerile caprices and meanness.

The bad spirits are not all on the same level. Some are bonded to no one, causing little deceptions or inducing slight mistakes. The malefactors lead to wrongdoing and they enjoy that, although they may still show some level of compassion. The really wicked ones have none. All their faculties serve the purpose of wickedness. They act with calm and premeditation, pleased with the moral tortures of their doing. In the spiritual world those correspond to the criminal in yours. They get to such a condition for showing no respect for God’s laws. From downfall to downfall, centuries go by before a single thought of change crosses their minds. Evilness is their element, their cause for rejoice; forced to reincarnate they endure such sufferings that their passion for evil things wears out. They end up understanding, giving in to the voice of God that unceasingly calls to them. We have seen rebel spirits enthusiastically asking for the most terrible atonements, supporting them with the joy of the martyr. Such return to good is a motive of great happiness to the pure spirits. Jesus’s words shine truth upon the stray sheep. The errant spirits of second order are the intermediaries between the superior spirits and the mortals, since it is rare that the superior spirits communicate directly. They must be impelled by a particular circumstance. Such intermediaries are the spirits of people who bear no serious evil and whose intentions were not bad. Fewer migrations are needed to them; their assigned missions award them with faster progress when successfully accomplished. Thus the spirits eagerly desire those missions, only granted as a reward and when considered capable of accomplishing them. They are guided by superior spirits who choose their functions. The superior spirits are not all on the same level. Although free from migrations in your world they are not released from the required conditions of advancement on the more elevated spheres. There is no blank in the visible as well as invisible world. A remarkable order oversees everything. No creature is idle or useless. Everyone contributes to the perfection of the endless and boundless works of God to the limit of their faculties.


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