The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Session on December 23rd, 1859 – medium Mrs. de Boyer)

I am Hettani, one of the spirits who supervises the formation of flowers, the diversity of their perfumes. It is I, or I should say, it is us since we are many thousands of spirits that decorate the fields and gardens; who give the horticulturist the taste for flowers. We could not teach the mutilation that they sometimes employ but we teach them to vary the perfumes, making even more beautiful what is already so pleasing. However, it is mainly the flowers that bloom naturally that have all of our attention; they are our favorite ones, since everything that is alone needs help, and that’s why we take care of them better.

We are also in charge of spreading their perfumes. We take to the exile a memory of his homeland by bringing to his prison the aroma of the flowers that ornamented his patrimonial garden. To someone truly in love, we take the perfume of the flowers offered by his bride; To the ones that cry, a remembrance of those who are no longer blossoming on their graves, the roses and violets that recall their virtues. Who among you does not owe us such kind emotions?

Who has not shivered yet before the contact with a beloved aroma? I suppose you are surprised by hearing that there are spirits dedicated to all this. However, it is absolutely true. We have never and perhaps shall never incarnate among you. Yet, some have been human but not many among the spirits of the elements. Our mission is nothing on your planet Earth. We progress like you do but it is particularly in the superior planets that we are happy. In Jupiter our flowers issue harmonious sounds and we build the airy dwellings that hummingbird nests are the only ones which may give you a slight comparison. I will give you a description of some of those flowers for the first time, flowers which are not only magnificent but sublime and worthy of housing superior spirits. Good bye. May a perfume of charity animate you! The virtues themselves have their perfume.

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