The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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Society, January 13th, 1860

I am consumed by boredom, grief, and despair. Guilty wife, cruel mother, I abandoned the sacred joys of my family; the matrimonial dwelling beautified by the presence of two little angels from heavens. Dragged by the paths of addiction, by a limitless egotism, pride and vanity, a woman with no heart, I conspired against the sacred love of the one who God and people had given me as the support of my life. He hopelessly sought the refuge of death against my coward abandonment and dishonor.

Christ forgave the adulterous woman and the regretful Magdalene. The adulterous woman had loved and Magdalene repented. But I, miserable one, I sold dearly a false love which I had never felt. I sowed pleasure and did not harvest but neglect. The horrible misery and cruel hunger brought an end to a hateful life… and I did not regret! And I, miserable and infamous, oh! How often have I employed my influence as a spirit, leading poor women to the vice, women that I saw virtuous and in good health, enjoying the happiness which I had neglected? Will God ever forgive me? Perhaps, if the disgust inspired in you doesn’t prevent you from praying for the unfortunate Estelle Riquier.

OBSERVATION: The following questions were addressed to this uncalled spirit, and unknown to the audience.

1. When have you died? – A. Fifty years ago.

2. Where did you live? – A. In Paris.

3. What was your husband’s social echelon? – A. Middle class.

4. How old were you when you died? – A. I was 32.

5. How have you come spontaneously to communicate with us? – A. It was allowed for your instruction and to serve as an example.

6. Did you have any education? – Yes.

7. We hope that God will take into account the honesty of your confession and your regret. We wish God may be merciful to you and send good spirits to clarify you regarding the means of repairing your past. – A. Oh! Thank you, thank you! May God hear you!

OBSERVATION: Several people informed us that they consider a duty to pray for the suffering spirits that we have indicated and who ask for help. We wish these charitable thoughts may spread among our readers. Some received the spontaneous visit of the spirits to whom they addressed their good wishes, who came to thank them.

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