The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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The Human Being

The human being is a composite of greatness and misery, science and ignorance. He is the true representative of God on Earth because his great intelligence encompasses the universe. He found ways of discovering the secrets of nature; knows how to use the elements; travels long distances by means of steam; can talk to his fellow human beings from one corner to the other of the world using electricity that he can control. His is highly intelligent. When he is able to place all that before God’s feet and pay tribute to God he is god-like! However, how miserable and petty he can be when dominated by pride! He can’t see his misery; he can’t see that his existence, this life that he cannot understand, is taken from him sometimes instantaneously, just by the will of that divinity unknown to him, since he cannot defend against such a power; he has to follow his fate!

The one who has studied and analyzed everything; who knows the movement of the stars; does he know the creative power that germinated the grain of wheat on the earth? Can he create a flower however simple and modest it may be? No. His power stops there. He should then acknowledge a power much superior than his. Humility should take his heart over and he would then practice one act of adoration by admiring the works of God.

St. Therese

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