The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Ms. Eugenie)

Note: The medium writes in an old notebook, which was used by another medium and where there was a message written and signed by Delphine de Girardin. This fact explains the beginning of the communication.

“I find my actual name; it will serve as my signature, before even starting.”

“I want to speak to all of you now and demonstrate that you are spiritualists; that is why I only need to address your reason. Why do you go to the cemeteries on November 1st, if it only keeps the remains of the loved ones that you lost? Why do you waste your time taking fragrant flowers, it reminds you of friendship and kind memories? Why do you evoke their memories if they no longer live? Why the rolling tears, asking for their consolation or to be taken by them? Answer now, you who whisper – because those who don’t speak in whispers, whisper in their thoughts – matter is the only thing that exist there. After us, it is the nothingness. Tell me now: aren’t you in contradiction there? Nevertheless, cheer up since you have more faith than you think. God that has created you imperfect wanted to give you hope, and in spite of that, and without your understanding, unconsciously, you speak to those loved ones; you ask them to feel the smell of the flowers that you lay before them; you beg for their friendship and protection. Mother! You call your daughter an angel, asking for her prayers. Daughter, you ask for your mother’s protection and advice. Many among you say: I feel the truthfulness of your words in my heart, but that is in disagreement with what I learned from my parents, and your scrupulous spirits shut up in your own ignorance. Go then and act fearlessly because the spiritist faith is in agreement with all religions, since it says what is repeated by all: Love, charity, humility. See and believe all that comes from your hesitation.”
Delphine de Girardin

OBSERVATION: The contradiction mentioned by the spirit in the beginning is seen all the time, even on those that more strongly deny a future life. If everything ends with the corporeal life, then why the celebration of the dead if they can no longer hear? We were told about the case of a gentleman in the highest possible stage of absolutely materialistic ideas. He had lost a son not long ago and his sorrow was such that he felt like committing suicide in order to join him. Well, join what? The bones that are no longer his?

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