The Spiritist Review - Journal of Psychological Studies - 1860

Allan Kardec

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(Medium Ms. Huet)

Note: In the session of the Society on November 2nd, Charles Nodier once requested to carry on his already initiated work, responded: “Allow me, my dear friends, to talk about something else tonight. Next time I will continue the initiated work.”

“The date today is so personally dedicated to us that we cannot help it but call your attention to death and the prayers claimed by the majority of those who have come before you. This week is a period of fraternization between Earth and Heaven, the living and the dead. It is the time when you must think of us in a more particular way and think of yourself as well, because the living ones will soon pray for you as they do to us, and such a thought must help you to become better. You shall be received before God according to the way you have lived there. What is life, after all? It is a very short migration of the spirit on Earth, yet sufficient enough time though to stack up a real treasure of graces and be prepared for tough sufferings. Think about it. Think of heaven and life will then seem very light, whatever it is.”
Charles Nodier

The following questions were addressed to the spirit regarding the communication above:

1. Do the spirits come in larger number to the cemeteries today than usually? – A. We return more spontaneously to the places where our remains are in this period, because your thoughts, your prayers are there with you.

2. The spirits that come to their tombs on those days and find nobody praying for them, do they suffer for feeling abandoned, whereas others have relatives and friends who remember them? – A. Aren’t there devoted people who pray for the dead in general? Then! Those prayers reverted to the forgotten spirit. They are the celestial manna, falling upon the lazy as on the active man. It reaches the celebrity and the unknown. God shares it equally and delivers them to those in need, through the good spirits who no longer need them.

3. We know that the formula of the prayers is indifferent; yet, many people need a formula to concentrate their ideas. Hence we would thank you if you could dictate one to us for that occasion. We would join our thoughts and destine it to the spirits in need. – A. I want to do that too. God, creator of the universe, have mercy on those creatures; take their wakenesses into account; shorten their earthly trials, if beyond their strengths; have compassion on the sufferings of those who have left Earth, inspiring in them the desire to advance towards the good.”

4. No doubt there are several spirits here to whom we can be useful. We would ask them to reveal themselves. – A. What a request! You will be overwhelmed.

5. We are not afraid, absolutely. If we cannot hear them all, what we tell one can be used by all of them. – A. Be it then! Do as demanded by your heart.

A general appeal was made, without any particular designation, to any spirit who was present and willing to communicate and request assistance; a very known character who died two years ago manifested, showing feelings very different from those in his life, and that was unsuspected by everyone.

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